Sunday, September 12, 2010


Open your heart, mind and life to Jesus. Your world will change when you let HIM FIND YOUR HEART. Don't keep it for yourself or others...but open it to HIM. HE will touch it in so many loving, amazing ways...that you will never be the same old person, that you were.

Our hearts are young and stores our feelings and emotions! Everything that has ever happened to us is stored in our heart. Good, bad, they are all there. But if you want to shine, inside and out, like a star....then open your heart really to Jesus. You'll feel HIS intimate love, warmth and friendship. Once you experience HIS loving glance, you will only want more. You will feel HIS PRESENCE.

When you offer your heart to Jesus, HE will honor it, cherish it and fill it with HIS LOVE!
You will start smiling a lot more!!! You will change inside too! You will have a certain confidence about you...a certain knowing, that Jesus has your heart! People on earth may come and go in our lives, but Jesus will be forever.

Give Jesus your heart and let HIM teach you about LOVE !
Just say, "JESUS, I OPEN MY HEART TO YOU". That's it, your on your way!
Enjoy the transformation...into the best and happiest you!

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Janie said...

wonderful post! i'm in the process of learning to open up my heart to God again for quite awhile. coming from an abusive father and x husband, it hasn't been easy but i'm doing it anyway. He's been there all the time. janie