Sunday, September 26, 2010


When we wake up each day, we may think, "What are we doing?" We contemplate our life, the past decisions we have made and what lies ahead of us. We are not always sure, if what we are doing, is what God has planned for us.

Our life is complicated. We go through various cycles of growth and are constantly learning about our self, others and life. If can be stressful, if we allow ourselves to worry about "what will be" and "what should we do?"

So, what should you do? How do you know, if what you are doing, is really "what your supposed to be doing?" There are only two answers. First, open your heart, mind and awareness to God. Ask HIM to guide you in all your decision making processes. Ask God to point you in the right direction that HE HAS PLANNED FOR YOU. Ask HIM to stop you, if you are going down the wrong path.

Second, IS TO TRUST GOD! We may think we know our future and destiny, however, only GOD REALLY KNOWS OUR TRUE PATH AND DESTINY. Trust that whatever happens in your life, there is a reason for... God wants us to be happy, feel loved, fore filled, be successful in our endeavors and above all, LOVE AND TRUST HIM .

We cannot possibly understand all the changes that take place in our life. The "what if"s" could drive us crazy, if we allow ourselves to be consumed with the past. That is not what God wants. Sure, sometimes we make decisions and they turn out to be the wrong ones. But God knew this and allowed it to happen, because in the end, it will teach us things and make us better people. From making wrong decisions, we can appreciate the correct ones and move forward.

Do not be scared about your future and worry, TRUST IN GOD... AND KNOW THAT GOD HAS A PLAN FOR YOU. You might not have achieved it yet, but think positive and look forward to a good life. GOD KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED. HE pays attention to every detail. Timing is important and God knows this.

All you should do is ask GOD TO TOUCH YOUR HEART. If you have a dream that you would like realized, then ASK HIM FOR HELP. If you are not sure of what you should do or which direction to go in...ASK GOD FOR DIRECTION.


Both you and God will be very pleased!
(and thank HIM along the way)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


These words are being spoken from Our Lord Jesus to you today.

"Dear Friends and Family,

What kind of person are you? If we met on the street and I asked "Who
Are You?", what would you say?
Would you know, who you are?
My first thought is that you would be a follower of Jesus Christ. If you could say this to me, it would speak volumes. Not because I am Jesus and it would be a good thing to say, but because of what it means.

"Who are you" really means, what type of person are you? It speaks about your inner virtues, your qualities. I want you to think, "Who Are You?" Do you even know yourself? If you can defend yourself and tell me five loving qualities about yourself, that is good. Words are meaningless unless you act in the way it is portrayed.
KINDNESS - Being Kind is being thoughtful, respectful, polite and loving.

I want you to know "who you are". It is so important. When you know who you are, you become accountable for your thoughts and actions and that is maturity and growth. Describe yourself. If you do not like what you hear, then please change.

I can read hearts, minds and souls. For now, you can read your own heart and mind. Do not be afraid to look within. There is still time for you to change, into what I wish you to become. If you could face me now, with an honest and unselfish heart, I would be very pleased. Today my loving children on earth, need more than ever, HELP FROM ONE ANOTHER. Do not be pulled into deceit. Do not deceive one another or use some one's goodness for your own personal gain. Remain loving and virtuous.

Someday I may ask you, "Who Are You?" I pray and hope that you are one of the lucky ones who can answer with love and pride.

Remember I am always here for you. Please call on me for anything.

Jesus Christ"

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Open your heart, mind and life to Jesus. Your world will change when you let HIM FIND YOUR HEART. Don't keep it for yourself or others...but open it to HIM. HE will touch it in so many loving, amazing ways...that you will never be the same old person, that you were.

Our hearts are young and stores our feelings and emotions! Everything that has ever happened to us is stored in our heart. Good, bad, they are all there. But if you want to shine, inside and out, like a star....then open your heart really to Jesus. You'll feel HIS intimate love, warmth and friendship. Once you experience HIS loving glance, you will only want more. You will feel HIS PRESENCE.

When you offer your heart to Jesus, HE will honor it, cherish it and fill it with HIS LOVE!
You will start smiling a lot more!!! You will change inside too! You will have a certain confidence about you...a certain knowing, that Jesus has your heart! People on earth may come and go in our lives, but Jesus will be forever.

Give Jesus your heart and let HIM teach you about LOVE !
Just say, "JESUS, I OPEN MY HEART TO YOU". That's it, your on your way!
Enjoy the transformation...into the best and happiest you!