Friday, December 24, 2010


These beautiful words are from Our Lord Jesus to you...
"To My Loving Family and Friends,
Merry Christmas and A Blessed New Year! I wish each of you a beautiful Christmas Holiday, filled with LOVE.

Christmas is about GIVING. The GIVING OF YOUR HEART TO OTHERS. Please share your love with each other on this Holy Day and on each day of the year. LOVE LASTS FOREVER. It will never fade or grow old. Treasure the love you receive and pass it along to others that you meet.


Enjoy your families and friends and celebrate with joy in your hearts all your gifts. Some gifts can be found under the tree and others inside your heart. Christmas is not the only day for giving. We can give each day of the year! I am with you always.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I could sell anything in the world. I have that natural ability. When I believe in a product or thing, I research it well and present my case. I remove every obstacle in front of me and hence, I get the sale.

In my previous positions, as a sales and advertising executive, I did my best to represent the companies and secure the orders. As an educator, I "sold" the students on the importance of learning and obtaining knowledge...all things I value today.

However, today, I face my biggest challenge. SELLING JESUS. Perhaps my most difficult "Sale", but certainly the most important and valuable. I am one, who has been asked by Jesus himself I believe, "to inspire others to turn towards HIM". It is almost too surreal to believe...
This great, famous, historical figure of all time...who also happens to be the SON OF GOD, has me assisting in SELLING HIM TO THE WORLD!

It is not always easy. There is a fine balance that I strive to keep within myself on a personal and professional level. You see, I do not work for a regular corporation and work 40 hours a week. I do not represent a company. I do not represent a product with pros's and con's or something I do not believe in 1000%. My job is slow and steady and it is sometimes hard to measure my success.

The one huge gift that comes with my work is the intimate knowledge of Our Beloved Lord. HE is always available to me. HE always reveals what I need to know. I am so Blessed to know and feel HIS amazing love and presence, that it alone sustains me in my work.

If only the world knew Jesus like me, if only I could capture HIS SPIRIT, PERSONALITY, LOVE and SELL IT TO THE WORLD...then I would experience real success today in my life.
SELLING JESUS is not always easy, but it is the most important job of my career. I pray many people turn to HIM because of my SALES...I hope to get many orders for HIM.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Tonight Our Beloved Lord speaks to are HIS WORDS TO YOU.

"To My Beloved Children,

Believe in me and I can change your life. Simple. Believing is a powerful thing and change encompasses the vast majority of your life. If you believe in me and my love and goodness for you, I can ensure a positive outlook on your life. You will know, that all I allow and arrange, is for your best and thus, you will have peace and joy. You will not have great anxiety or fear.

As you grow closer to me, you will feel my unending love for you. This love is without limits and thus, you will feel freer to enjoy life and be more adventurous. Never doubt that I hold you in the palm of my loving hands and that I will remain with you forever. Believe in me and grow older and wiser. Great love and wisdom flows from me.

Believe in me, your Lord and Saviour, who gave HIS LIFE FOR YOU, so that we may be together forever in Heaven, with all our loved ones. Never stop believing in me and I can change your life!


Jesus Christ"

Friday, December 10, 2010


God is the most amazing presence in the universe. HIS love and power surpasses all. Our minds cannot fully comprehend this great love and spirit of the universe. Only our souls are privy to a deep and permanent bond with Our Beloved Lord, Almighty Father and Holy Spirit. Our soul understands this Blessed connection.

Wherever we go, so too, does God. God is always present. HE or THEY are everywhere. Our Blessed Mother also has her loving glance upon you.

Why is this important to understand that God is everywhere? Because people are enduring hardships and may feel alone, depressed and think they are unable to overcome their problems. However, if they remembered that GOD IS PRESENT IN THEIR LIFE...they would know that HE will intercede when necessary and they will come out of their situation the stronger person!

GOD CAN DO ANYTHING FOR YOU...AND HE WILL...IF IT IS GOOD FOR YOUR LIFE. Love God, love others and love yourself.

One day may be horrible, but the next may be great! GOD knows exactly what you need and when you need it! Never, ever forget that Jesus' loving face is shining upon you...HIS GRACES AND GIFTS ARE POURING FROM HIS HEART DIRECTLY TO YOU. Talk to HIM wherever you are...listen to HIM in all ways. HE will guide you. Always, always trust that God loves you and has your best interest at heart. YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!

God goes everywhere...with you! Be at peace, knowing that everything will be alright in your life!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


These words are being spoken to you, from Our Lord Jesus Christ tonight...
"Dear Friends and Devoted Ones,
I have not forgotten you. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Please know that I am guiding all of you that ask. And those that do not, I am quietly leading along the path to their destiny.

Why have I not achieved what I wished for yet Jesus? So many of you are always asking. The answer is simple. The time has not yet arrived. But do not despair, for good things come to all those that wait. I do and My Great Father has a plan for each of you in your lifetime. Please never doubt this. Our goal is that you first are happy within yourself, experience love and achieve greatness on earth.

Greatness is a big word with many meanings. It encompasses many things. Your loving character and acts of kindness. Once you develop these, the world will open all opportunities for you. I will not hold any of you back toward greatness. This is my goal for you. Do you want to achieve great things, as I believe many of you do? Then you will. You must keep trying with your goals and tribulations and know that I am here for you. Timing is of the utmost importance my loving children. The timing I refer to is in your lifetime, not mine.

You were not born to achieve and accomplish nothing. That would serve no purpose. You each have a set of goals and dreams of which you will achieve. Today especially, I feel your despair within your hearts of disappointment. Turn to me and I will give you encouragement. I will open up all the doors for your happiness and success. Some of you have reached success and fulfillment early in your lifetime and that is a gift. Others are still struggling to find their way, but I am here and have not forgotten you. Please be patient. You day will come and you will be pleased with your successes.

Trust in my never ending love for you and your families. I will arrange and provide for all of you. My work is not difficult, however to you, it may seem like climbing a mountain each day. Take one step at a time, for I am beside you each day. I know your next step before you move, for I am already there.

Please do not give up hope in yourself or the power of God. I do have plans for each of you and one day you will see, all I say is true. Amen.

Your loving Saviour Jesus Christ"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I ask Our Beloved Jesus to send us all a are HIS WORDS TO YOU.

"My Children and Friends,
Your life is a great gift. Please appreciate it. Throughout your life, there will be good times and some that are difficult. Please do not worry. The difficult ones are there to challenge you and make you better people. You can cross any bridge easily, if I am by your side. What may look challenging, is really quite simple, when you hold onto my hand.

Nothing in your life is impossible. I have seen and done many things on earth for each of you. You all belong to me and my Beloved Father. Whether you are devoted to me or not, does not make a big difference. What is important, is that you believe that you were created by my Loving Father and have a purpose on earth. There continues to be much controversy about whether I am truly a Saviour and God The Father's Beloved Son. I AM.

I wish you to be devoted to me because I love you. My loving role that I took on, is to guide all the children of the world. I do this each day. Whether you think of me as a friend or as God, I am well pleased. I want to reach all of you, deep in your hearts and soul. Your soul knows me very well and wishes to stay connected with me at all times. This is my permanent connection to you at this moment. No matter where you are, I am too.

Why am I telling you all this? Because today more than ever, you need me and the world needs help. I died so that we may be together in eternity forever. But that is not good enough for me, when I see you suffer so greatly now on earth. I know your problems and feel your pain. I hear your voices call out to me at all hours of the day. I hear you and I am responding.

I wish nothing but the best life for each of you on earth. Your life can be so much greater, if you allow me to be a part of it. You do not have to do anything special, just open your heart to me. Acknowledge me in your heart. By doing this, I can do so much more for you. If you are walking down the street and someone calls your name, but you do not turn around, how can you hear them speak? How will you know what they wished to say to you? You will not. It is the same with me. When I call you, please turn around. Please listen.

I will guide you and you will fore fill your destiny. You will be most pleased with yourself and I in return will hold you close to my heart. Does it not get any better than this?
One day, you will return home to all your loved ones, who have gone before you. But now is your time on earth, please let me live each day with you. I love you.

Jesus Christ"

Friday, October 22, 2010


Life is not perfect, far from it. Somethings we can manage and figure out on our own and other things need DIVINE INTERVENTION. Simply put, God needs to get involved!

God is always here for you, willing to help you in any situation. Good, bad, difficult...but we must at some point turn our attention to HIM. Why? It is not some much because God needs you to assist HIM, but rather, it is really important for you, to unload your heavy heart and mind to HIM.

Everyone has some sort of pressure and stress and that is "normal". However, there is a fine line between feeling down, overwhelmed and a sense of helplessness. YOU NEED GOD AND DON'T BE AFRAID TO GO TO HIM AND UNLOAD ALL YOUR PROBLEMS. God does not want, nor expect, you to figure out your whole life yourself. HE IS YOUR FAMILY AND TEACHER. The last thing that God wants, is for you to be upset and not turn to HIM.

Problems we face are sometimes "hidden lessons" to help us mature and grow. However, God never said, that you must go it alone! Quite the opposite!

When you discuss and hand over your problems to God, you are placing your TRUST IN HIM. You are showing HIM love, respect and demonstrating FAITH. This is a great part of your relationship with HIM. You are HIS CHILDREN and HE wants nothing but the best for you. It breaks HIS heart when HE SEES YOU SUFFER and you do not turn to HIM.

GOD has many answers and solutions to our problems. With God's love and help, our problems disappear and we move forward with peace. Please do not carry around undue stress, but rather turn to God, anyway you feel comfortable. HE knows what's in your heart and wishes to Bless you... God can handle anything!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Each day can be good and special. There is always something to think of to make you smile and feel loved. Your closest friends adore you and your family is there to support you in good times and bad. God has arranged incredible people to come into your life! You will meet them all throughout your lifetime.

But for today, live your life now! Live in the moment! Great experiences await you. Open your heart and mind to what's around you. Really look at all the good things that God has placed before you. It really is amazing if you notice how Blessed you are! The people you encounter each day, who make you smile...appreciate them. Smile back! Give warmth and love to everyone you meet!

TODAY IS PRECIOUS. All our today's become our yesterdays...and then they become our past. Our past we can't change, but if we think in a grateful and positive way each day, we will feel happy, smile more and enjoy life! EACH DAY BRINGS NEW OPPORTUNITIES! THEY WILL SURPRISE AND SHOCK YOU...IN A GOOD WAY!


There is absolutely nothing that Jesus can't do for you today! Love yourself, love Jesus and enjoy your life! Have a great day!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


As I sit with Our Lord, HE wishes to comfort all those hearts who have been hurt. Here are HIS Blessed words to you...
"My Children,
Come to me so that I may help ease your pain. If you are suffering, please allow me to love and heal you.

Life can be filled with great accomplishments and loving relationships. But sometimes, others hurt us and we fall into despair. Our hearts become hardened and weep. Our spirit becomes crushed by the pain and we feel helpless and hopeless.

I can not always control one's actions and thus, sometimes you may become a victim to one another. This is not a good thing, however, please know that whatever hardship has come to you, I am here and watching and I will help you recover from any loss or betrayal.

If you allow me into your heart, I can comfort you and take away your pain. I will use all of the universe to help and heal you, so that you may move forward in your life.

Nobody is perfect and sometimes innocent people get hurt and sometimes innocent people do the hurting. All can be forgiven in time. For if you hold onto bitterness and anger, it will eat away at your soul. Your soul should be a place for love and that is all that should reside there. Those that hurt us need prayer and forgiveness. That does not mean that you need to sacrifice yourself by allowing others to continually hurt you. You must have limits.

If a relationship or situation causes you pain, then it probably is not good for you. If after trying to love and you still are hurting, then walk away. Walking away from a bad situation will free you up for an opportunity to receive love and respect. Love and respect go hand in hand. You cannot love without respect. If a friendship is causing you pain, look at the situation and honestly exam both your roles. If you feel taken advantage of, you can decide to discuss it with that person or quietly learn from it and move on.

Friendships and relationships should be giving and filled with love. If you are a "giver", please do not change. Continue to love and give. All that you give, will be returned to you.

If you are heartbroken from a loss, please know your loved one has moved on in my arms to a loving place that I have prepared. No soul that is devoted to me or my Father will ever be left unaided or loved. Life on earth may go quickly, but please know that eternity awaits you.
Please allow me to comfort and love you all the days of your life.

With Love,
Jesus Christ"

Sunday, September 26, 2010


When we wake up each day, we may think, "What are we doing?" We contemplate our life, the past decisions we have made and what lies ahead of us. We are not always sure, if what we are doing, is what God has planned for us.

Our life is complicated. We go through various cycles of growth and are constantly learning about our self, others and life. If can be stressful, if we allow ourselves to worry about "what will be" and "what should we do?"

So, what should you do? How do you know, if what you are doing, is really "what your supposed to be doing?" There are only two answers. First, open your heart, mind and awareness to God. Ask HIM to guide you in all your decision making processes. Ask God to point you in the right direction that HE HAS PLANNED FOR YOU. Ask HIM to stop you, if you are going down the wrong path.

Second, IS TO TRUST GOD! We may think we know our future and destiny, however, only GOD REALLY KNOWS OUR TRUE PATH AND DESTINY. Trust that whatever happens in your life, there is a reason for... God wants us to be happy, feel loved, fore filled, be successful in our endeavors and above all, LOVE AND TRUST HIM .

We cannot possibly understand all the changes that take place in our life. The "what if"s" could drive us crazy, if we allow ourselves to be consumed with the past. That is not what God wants. Sure, sometimes we make decisions and they turn out to be the wrong ones. But God knew this and allowed it to happen, because in the end, it will teach us things and make us better people. From making wrong decisions, we can appreciate the correct ones and move forward.

Do not be scared about your future and worry, TRUST IN GOD... AND KNOW THAT GOD HAS A PLAN FOR YOU. You might not have achieved it yet, but think positive and look forward to a good life. GOD KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED. HE pays attention to every detail. Timing is important and God knows this.

All you should do is ask GOD TO TOUCH YOUR HEART. If you have a dream that you would like realized, then ASK HIM FOR HELP. If you are not sure of what you should do or which direction to go in...ASK GOD FOR DIRECTION.


Both you and God will be very pleased!
(and thank HIM along the way)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


These words are being spoken from Our Lord Jesus to you today.

"Dear Friends and Family,

What kind of person are you? If we met on the street and I asked "Who
Are You?", what would you say?
Would you know, who you are?
My first thought is that you would be a follower of Jesus Christ. If you could say this to me, it would speak volumes. Not because I am Jesus and it would be a good thing to say, but because of what it means.

"Who are you" really means, what type of person are you? It speaks about your inner virtues, your qualities. I want you to think, "Who Are You?" Do you even know yourself? If you can defend yourself and tell me five loving qualities about yourself, that is good. Words are meaningless unless you act in the way it is portrayed.
KINDNESS - Being Kind is being thoughtful, respectful, polite and loving.

I want you to know "who you are". It is so important. When you know who you are, you become accountable for your thoughts and actions and that is maturity and growth. Describe yourself. If you do not like what you hear, then please change.

I can read hearts, minds and souls. For now, you can read your own heart and mind. Do not be afraid to look within. There is still time for you to change, into what I wish you to become. If you could face me now, with an honest and unselfish heart, I would be very pleased. Today my loving children on earth, need more than ever, HELP FROM ONE ANOTHER. Do not be pulled into deceit. Do not deceive one another or use some one's goodness for your own personal gain. Remain loving and virtuous.

Someday I may ask you, "Who Are You?" I pray and hope that you are one of the lucky ones who can answer with love and pride.

Remember I am always here for you. Please call on me for anything.

Jesus Christ"

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Open your heart, mind and life to Jesus. Your world will change when you let HIM FIND YOUR HEART. Don't keep it for yourself or others...but open it to HIM. HE will touch it in so many loving, amazing ways...that you will never be the same old person, that you were.

Our hearts are young and stores our feelings and emotions! Everything that has ever happened to us is stored in our heart. Good, bad, they are all there. But if you want to shine, inside and out, like a star....then open your heart really to Jesus. You'll feel HIS intimate love, warmth and friendship. Once you experience HIS loving glance, you will only want more. You will feel HIS PRESENCE.

When you offer your heart to Jesus, HE will honor it, cherish it and fill it with HIS LOVE!
You will start smiling a lot more!!! You will change inside too! You will have a certain confidence about you...a certain knowing, that Jesus has your heart! People on earth may come and go in our lives, but Jesus will be forever.

Give Jesus your heart and let HIM teach you about LOVE !
Just say, "JESUS, I OPEN MY HEART TO YOU". That's it, your on your way!
Enjoy the transformation...into the best and happiest you!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Summer time can be beautiful...great weather, kids home from school, family time, barbeque's and don't forget visiting guests. But it can also be exhausting! If your a parent, you know exactly what I mean! We try and do it all...and sometimes it can be so hard!

Where's your quiet, relaxing time? It is hard to carve out a piece for yourself. But everyone needs some down time for themselves. It is OK. Your not a robot or computer.

When I need a break or change from the summer "fun" and craziness, I tell Jesus, "Help"! And before I can blink, my whole world changes! I might receive an hour, 5 hours or a few days of needed relaxation. All you have to do is ASK JESUS FOR HELP!

And from my loving experience with HIM, Jesus will surprise you with better things than you could have imagined. HE stands beside you all the time, waiting to assist, guide and love you.

Children are an amazing gift from God, however, if you have them, you know the work and dedication involved is enormous! AND SO DOES GOD! God is so grateful to you for loving, showering and caring for your children. BUT, IF YOU NEED SOME TIME FOR YOURSELF OR SOMETHING SPECIAL YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO...PLEASE ASK HIM!

THE ONLY PERSON... AND BEST PERSON TO GO TO FOR HELP IS GOD! He can change anything in your life and bring you peace, joy, relaxation...and a few great surprises your way!

Monday, August 2, 2010


These beautiful words are being dictated to me from Our Lord, Jesus Christ...they are for us to read and reflect upon.

"To All,
Love is the core of everything. It is what you desire and need to survive. Everything you long for stems from LOVE and that is exactly as it should be. Love encompasses so much. Words and feelings are really substitutes for love. Feelings of joy and happiness are love. Feelings of hurt and sorrow are from love.

But love is essential . It is what I AM. I love beyond everything. I see past all the wrongdoings, mistakes and still find love. People act based on love. Love is very powerful. Love is wonderful.

I wish to give you my LOVE. I wish to share my joy and happiness with you. Too many people struggle on earth, not with material things but rather from a broken heart and sadness. They are searching, yet do not know what they need. I know it is LOVE.

If you turn towards me, I will BLESS YOU WITH MY LOVE. Please face me in your heart and mind and I will send sweet BLESSINGS YOUR WAY. If everyone accepted my love, the world would be a far different place. There would be less suffering, pain and hatred. LOVE AND PEACE WOULD PREVAIL.

The closer you are to me, the greater love, security and joy you will feel. I promise you this.
Jesus Christ"

Saturday, July 31, 2010


You are learning
You are growing
You are becoming wiser.

You are beginning to see things more clearly
You are reacting differently, than in the past
You are looking at people through eyes of love
instead of envy, jealousy or hatred
You are becoming more like Christ.

Your life is taken on a new path
one filled with love, security, hope and excitement
because of God.

When you slow down and notice
you will see all that is happening
around your beautiful life
inside and out.

Do not be afraid
Change can be good for all of us
We take with us all our experiences of the past
and move forward in a better way.

If we open our heart, mind and spirit to God
you will see the little and big things going on.
They will ultimately be good for your life
Be patient.

I see and feel myself growing
maturing with time
like a fine wine.
Things are different when you know Jesus.
There is love and trust
you hold deep in your soul, heart and mind
that everything that happens in your life
has a purpose and that purpose is good.

Notice God
and you will notice all the incredible changes
going on in your life
HE will guide and show you.

You are changing
becoming whom God wishes
and that is reason to celebrate!

God will never leave your side
throughout your lifetime
If you are having a hard time
feeling sad, hurt and down
turn to HIM and talk
HE will listen and make you feel better
HE will change your circumstances quickly.
You will see
all I say is true

I am Blessed to know Our Beloved Jesus very well
HE has nothing but love and good intentions for your life
Never give up hope in yourself or God

With God as your teacher
you will develop a keen awareness for things and people
It will help you
Ask God to teach you everything you wish.

As we grow older
look forward to a better life
because you will have it with God.
Enjoy each day
to the best of your ability
Smile, be happy and grateful
that is what God wishes for you.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Everything will work out for the best! You can count on it! How do I know this? It is easy. I have faith and trust in God. Anyone can throw around these words, but to really feel it and know it the difference!

Faith is a gift from God. It means that you believe this "other being" is real, alive, powerful, loving and caring. It means you "Trust" someone other than yourself, family and friends. Faith is very powerful. If you have it, you never will feel, deep in despair. You know there will always be a Plan B for you. It may be "Your Plan B"...but God's "Plan A". But it does not matter if we thinks it's Plan A or B...what matters is that God, will take care of you and the outcome will be for the best! ASK GOD FOR THE GIFT OF FAITH.

All you need to do is OPEN YOUR MIND TO GOD. Stop, pause and think. There is a reason for everything. You may not see it or be aware, however things happen for a reason.

Good or bad, it is sometimes "how WE define our outcomes". God's outcomes are always good.
The goodness may reveal itself in the present or it may take months or years to "really see what God was doing". But the only things you need to be concerned with are that GOD LOVES YOU AND HAS THE BEST INTENTIONS FOR YOUR LIFE!

THINK POSITIVE TODAY AND FOR YOUR FUTURE! Crawl, walk or run towards God. It does not matter. Going to God will bring you greater happiness, peace and success. Everything is easier and better with God. Living your life without God, would be like asking "to be blind". Who would want that if you had a choice?

Praying to God is really talking to God or just turning to HIM in silence. It will give you comfort and allow God to show you HE is present. Each day may not be wonderful, but ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE! Things can change at anytime and remember, GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE!
God always has the last word...and that is good!

Monday, June 21, 2010


These loving words are being dictated by Our Lord Jesus Christ, for you...

"To My Loving Children,
My Father is everything to me and you are everything to HIM. HE has carefully constructed everything so that we may be together always. This was HIS plan and thus it is so.

You are also a big part of HIS PLAN. Your birth and life is of great importance to Father. HE is not only MY FATHER, BUT YOUR FATHER TOO! Please think of HIM as your loving, dutiful Father because HE is.

OUR FATHER IS ALL LOVING, CARING, GIVING, KIND, FORGIVING AND SUPPORTIVE! HE IS TRULY LOVING AND SO LOVES YOU AND THE WORLD. FATHER IS AMAZING AND CAN DO MANY THINGS. One important thing is to watch over you all the time! HE feels this is imperative and thus, HE does it personally. However, your FATHER IN HEAVEN also has many others acting on HIS behalf. I for one, am always here, loving and supporting you in every way. My beautiful Blessed Mother is another, who lovingly guides, directs and supports her children on earth. My Father has Angels who's work is to protect, support and encourage you on earth. There are many HOLY SOULS who have passed over to HEAVEN, who watch and pray for you too!

God, Our Father will always have a plan for HIS CHILDREN. Please never fear. Just treat each other with love. OUR LOVING FATHER IS ALL KNOWING. Please know that Our Father cares for you and will protect you. HE loves you more than words can explain. FATHER IS ETERNAL AND WHEN YOUR SOUL RETURNS HOME, YOU WILL REST WITH HIM. I TOO WILL BE THERE.


God Bless You and The World,
Jesus Christ"

Friday, June 11, 2010


The Blessed Mother is unlike any other woman in the universe. She is the Mother of Jesus and God's chosen Angel! But that is not all she is...The Blessed Mother is your advocate too!

Many of us turn to God when we need help or guidance. God The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit are always here for us and that is great! We should turn to God for everything. However, The Blessed Mother is here also for us. She is the most amazing, spectacular woman...who wishes to help and guide you.

The Blessed Mother is like no other. Her love, power, and strength is amazing! When you turn to HER, she will listen and help you. SHE IS QUICK TO ACT! God likes it this way. Why? Because Jesus wishes for you to turn to HIS Mother. JESUS WANTS YOU TO LOVE HER, TRUST HER AND BECOME DEVOTED TO HER. And that is also what Our Blessed Mother wishes...

Nothing gets by our Blessed Mother! She is a champion for fighting evil and getting things accomplished all over the world. When The Blessed Mother intercedes in your life, watch out because great things will happen! SHE IS WISE, LOVING AND STRONG! Her son Jesus will deny her nothing, so if Our Blessed Mother wants it to happen, it's a done deal!

One way to honor and pray to Our Blessed Mother is through the HAIL MARY. Recite these beautiful words and think of HER.

Hail, Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit of they womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Please allow The Blessed Mother to help you! See already loves you! Become devoted to HER
and you will inherit the Most Loving, Powerful Mother in the universe! As I tell my friends, "Nobody messes with Mother"! The Blessed Mother Rocks!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


God is here. HE really can not see HIM and therefore, it may seem, like you are all alone. But God is all loving and powerful and can help you with everything. HE sees the difficulties that we encounter and feels for us. Trusting in God when things are hard, is not always an easy thing. But sometimes we need to give God time, to work HIS magic in our lives.

During the good times, remember that God has arranged great things for you. Thank HIM for all HE has done. During the difficult times, God is still present. During these times, reach out and lean on HIM. Go to GOD with your fears, doubts and insecurities. HE will send you love, comfort and messages of hope. The situation that is causing you great difficulty will change. God will not leave you without a solution. HE has plenty of options. Never doubt God's ability to act in your life and the lives around you.

If you are feeling down, sad or depressed, it will pass. Not everyone can feel happy and great all the time. Acknowledge your feelings and ask God for HIS HELP. Each day is new. Know that GOD IS WORKING TO MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER. Therefore, your life will get better! Sometimes, we are our own worse enemy, do not judge yourself too harshly. You are great, a loving person and deserve good things in your life. God knows this.

Nothing is impossible for God!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Our days can be busy and hectic. Hours turn into days and before you know it, you haven't had a minute to slow down, relax and have some quiet time for yourself. It is important to put a little time aside for you. Running around, even caring for others can be physically and emotionally exhausting.

Without spending some quiet time with yourself, it is harder for you to connect with God. Life on earth is filled with demands and distractions. When you can find the time, then take it for yourself. Any time of the day is good. Sit down, exhale and remember God. God will remind you of HIS love and existence for you. You will feel HIS peace. You will become more grounded and rejuvenated. When I want to relax, feel comforted, love and smile, I always gaze lovingly upon Our Lord's Sacred Heart Image. I don't need HIS image in front of me...but I feel when I look at HIM, the rest of the world is blocked out and it is just me and HIM.

I am reminded of HIM and how HE is present through all the minutes of our day. HE is watching and interceding for us in everything. Looking at Jesus' image will always make you feel better. Some people may prefer to just close their eyes and think of God and that is great too! HE is one of the most important people in the world, needless to say, my life! So take some moments for yourself, slow down and get reconnected with God. Let GOD shed HIS love upon you, HIS peace and a knowing that everything will be OK. Whatever our day brings us, God will be there. BUT WE NEED TO MAKE TIME FOR OURSELVES AND GOD! Don't allow life to take control of you, but rather, you take control of life! You will feel so much better!

Friday, May 28, 2010


We all want to be successful in our lifetime. We all want to feel proud of ourselves. We all want to feel that we accomplished something important. But how do we gauge our success? Is it based on how much money we earn? Is it based on our job or "title" we may hold? When do we feel that we reached "success"? Is there a certain age, whereby we feel, "we should have accomplished more"?

How does God see our success on earth? What does HE consider successful? I posed this topic to Our Beloved Lord...and I believe these are HIS words for us to hear.

"My Children,
All of you have been given great gifts and Blessings from above. Each of you have many opportunities to do what you love and also what you need to do. Some of you at an early age, have been blessed to find your passion and are successful in your field. That is a gift. Others are struggling to find what pleases them and continue to search and that is good.

But how I define success is different, from what so many of my children see. If money is your passion, then making money will come easy to you. You will be rich on earth. However, what you do with your wealth, is how I define success. What you are Blessed with to receive, you should help others, who are less fortunate, in terms of money. Money does not define a person. How rich one is, does not make them successful in my eyes, it is only what one does with that wealth, that impresses me.

I look within ones heart to see a truly successful person. I look for kindness, generosity, love and a gesture of good will towards others. It is who you are inside, that defines your success. The poorest man on earth, may have a heart of gold, who continually leans a hand to help others. HE IS SUCCESSFUL. A Teacher who offers extra help to a struggling student, free of charge, is a successful person. SUCCESS IS MEASURED BY WHAT YOU BEEN GIVEN AND HOW YOU GIVE IT AWAY TO HELP OTHERS.

Today for example, I witnessed a beautiful person, offering her legal services to a kind woman who needed her help. This Lawyer, lovingly and kindly offered to represent this innocent woman, without any hope of earning a penny. She did this out of the goodness of her heart. She did not have to accept this case, she could have said, "she was too busy" or referred her to another attorney, who would have wanted money for his services. But this attorney, offered her services free of charge to help another. She was not motivated by money, but rather by helping another in need. This woman to me is successful. Not because of her current law practice and her countless victories, but because she has taken the gifts bestowed upon her and used them to help another. I will continue to Bless this woman in all that she asks. I did not ask for her help, but rather, she offered herself, from her heart. Thank you.

Do not put yourself down because you may not have achieved what you set out to yet. Your life on earth is not over till you cross over to ME. There is so much good that you can accomplish while on earth and that is how I measure success. I will continue to help all my loving children on earth, full fill their dreams and mine. Never give up hope in yourself or me. Live each day filled with possibilities and watch how your life can unfold into beautiful acts and deeds. Success at the end of the day is "who you are", not "what you have".

May all my children be Blessed and turn to me for guidance. I am here and love you.
Jesus Christ"

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Before Jesus left and ascended to Heaven, HE told us that we would never be alone. He would ask HIS FATHER, TO SEND ANOTHER ADVOCATE TO BE WITH US ALWAYS. This advocate is THE HOLY SPIRIT, whom Our Almighty Father sent in Jesus' name, and will teach us everything and remind us of everything that Jesus taught us.

The Holy Spirit is among us today. The SPIRIT OF GOD lives on in us and beside us. We are not alone. Our Soul recognizes this HOLY SPIRIT and honors it. Our soul feels comfort and rests with THE HOLY SPIRIT.

THE HOLY SPIRIT IS PART OF THE HOLY TRINITY. God The Father, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit are the three parts of the Holy Trinity. Each precious part of The Holy Trinity you may connect to.

The Holy Spirit is a precious gift to you. The Spirit can guide you, teach you and loves you. Open your mind and heart to the reality, that God's loving spirit is among us. Close your eyes for a moment and feel incredibly safe, Blessed, comforted and loved. God The Father, Son and Holy Spirit will remain with us forever!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


God does not expect you to have your whole life figured out! Our life is a beautiful journey on earth...filled with many new experiences! What makes all the difference in the world, is that you walk through life with God by your side.

If we try and figure out our whole life, from our present day perspective, we may get stressed out. This is not what God wants from you, nor does HE expect. You cannot see the future, only HE can. All God asks of you, is to keep HIM close in your heart and mind each day. This will allow you to receive HIS loving guidance in an easy, open way. You will feel HIS love, peace and confidence as you encounter each day.

When you are close to God, fear does not play a factor in your life. Why? Because you will have a deeper understanding of your relationship with HIM and know that with God, you are safe in HIS loving care. God does not want to hurt you or see you hurt. HE only wants the best for you because HE loves you dearly. You are HIS children and family. When bad things sometimes happen to us, God is there. HE will allow us to grow and learn from difficult experiences. With God at your side, there is nothing that you can not overcome.

It is good to have goals, dreams and desires for a happy life. Sometimes God instills those yearnings in our hearts, so follow your dreams. Have a plan...but I recommend always to discuss and pray about your goals and dreams with God. It may be a conversation you have with HIM. HE is listening all the time. HE will respond to your questions and give you HIS best suggestions and answers in many ways. Listen to that little voice inside of you, it will always guide you to what is good and best.

Life can sometimes be hard, difficult and confusing, but you do not have to have it all figured out! Take one step at a time! When you are united with God in your heart, life is not scary. GOD has all the answers! Those that TRUST IN GOD have a far better and happier life! So enjoy today...the rough times may come and go, but remember GOD IS ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU! And the closer you are to God, the fewer rough days you will have!

So get rid of fear and feel God's love for you. It is all around you! Take one step and day at a time...and watch how many beautiful ones you will have! Those that smile the most and offer love...are usually the ones closest to God! And there the happiest too!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


These words are being dictated by Our Beloved Lord Jesus to me. I type them as Our Lord speaks...

"To My Children,
Life is very different on earth as in Heaven. On earth, you must navigate through many situations, important decisions and whom you surround yourself with. Finding inner happiness and peace is always an important factor, in fact, it is the main factor. Combine this with love of yourself and loving your neighbor and life is complete. The human soul does not require much to be fore filled, yet on earth, our minds and hearts can sometimes complicate your days, months and sometimes years.

There is an old story I wish to share with you. The story takes place on the water with a man in a boat. He wishes to cross the ocean alone. So he sets out against the wind and elements and begins his journey. Only after a while, he notices that traveling alone across the ocean is not too much fun. He gets lonely. He now wishes for company. He begins to dream of a companion, whom he wishes were with him. One whom he can talk with, laugh with, fish with, rest with and sleep beside. Each day his desire became stronger for his companion. With his growing desire and loneliness, he would fantasize about this friend, whom was with him in the boat.

I heard everything and knew what was in this man's heart. Before this trip, he was a loner and kept to himself. He felt that he did not need anyone to make him feel complete. Crossing the ocean alone he thought, would not be difficult, however, when he was totally isolated, he learned about himself and what he truly wanted. He wanted a friend. Being alone on his journey was lonely and made him sad. When he successfully crossed the ocean, he decided that he wanted to change his life. He no longer wanted to live alone, but to share his life with another.

It was and is a beautiful story. So many of my children are alone and they wish for a mate. A friend to share everything with and then, they do not always value them, once they are in the boat. Others travel alone and believe that is what they truly want, but along the path, realize they too are unhappy.

The boat in your life is always passing through things. There are many choices, opportunities and destinations for your boat. You can allow whomever you wish to enter your boat and travel with them as far as you want. The world is your sea. In the course of your journey, take the time to spend a little alone and get to know yourself. It is hard to fool yourself when you are alone. Living your life to the fullest and embracing change is good. Even if you leave the shore alone, you may stop to pick up another at a different port. Be open to the wonderful people that may come in and out of your life. Each person may play a role on your journey. You can decide if that person fits well with you and proceed accordingly.

Just like the old man in the boat, I allowed him to learn about himself, so that he would grow, change and improve his life and quality of living. HIS LESSON WAS LOVE. He chose to love another and not be alone. Sometimes I try and tell my children things, but they can not always "hear me" or rather, they choose not to hear me. In some of these moments, I allow my children to uncover for themselves, all the great things and qualities they possess. I allow them to figure it out.

I am always here on your journey. Please never feel that you are in the boat alone. I never left that man, nor would I ever leave you. If you go through hard experiences, please know that I am here by your side, holding you and cheering you on, to discover your true loving self.

I want you to come to me at the end of your life and share with me all your wonderful experiences. There will be many. I love you my children. Please save a seat for me in your boat.

Your friend,
Jesus Christ"
(Artist, Val Korber)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


These beautiful words are being dictated for you...from Our Blessed Mother.

"To My Loving Children,

I am here and wish to spread my love and help throughout the world. There are so many suffering. Each of my children on earth are lacking in some ingredient and I wish to give them my love and nurturing. I can be a Special Mother for you. There is nothing I will ask of you, just your love and devotion to me.

We all need a loving Mother at any age. Mothers are filled with love, hope and strength. These things I possess and more and I wish to pass them unto you, my loving children.

I have been Blessed as I reign over Heaven and Earth in my loving capacity as your Mother. I watch out for my children, guide them, protect them and love them. Never was it known that some loving child confided in me and was left unaided. I will fly to your side and protect you with my loving wings. My love is strong and so is my strength. I am quick to act and will never leave you if you ask me.

I have so much love to shower upon you, if you only knew how much. Please let me love you and spoil you. I am your Mother. Please call out to me and I will come in an instant.
I love you forever.

Your Blessed Mother"

Sunday, May 9, 2010



Your hugs are worth a million bucks
Your smiles can light up the world
Every time you look at me my eyes transform to pearls
Your love is so strong
Nothing can stop it
Even when I'm away from you
Your love will always find me
Any time I want something it is always an OK
Now its time for you to have fun on your special day
I will always love you
I think you know that
No matter what I will always be there for you
By: Michael Frangeskos
She's like a vast ocean with lots of beautiful waves waiting to break
Like a dolphin gliding through the water
My Mom who cares for me and loves to write
With her loving smile, and her funny personality
She loves to go shopping and go on vacation with the family
It's very fun to hang out with her
She loves to have fun with the family
And make us laugh
With her funny jokes
And her great personality, I love.
Mom when she tells her interesting stories as child
The beauty of her eyes
The light brown hair
And my Mom loves me, because I saved her from loneliness everyday in her life
because I entertain her all day, everyday
Because I am energetic and I never stop talking
I love my Mother because she brought me to this world and she is the greatest
Mother in the world.
By: John Frangeskos

Monday, May 3, 2010


As I sit with Our Beloved Lord, HE dictates this loving message to you.

"Dear Children and Friends,

Life on earth can be a great experience for all of you. From the time you were born, new and exciting things you experienced. The same holds true for you now as an adult. The only difference is, that you have the ability to choose for yourself what you wish to do and who you wish to spend your time with.

Some gifts and qualities you possess are natural to your being and personality. This enables you to know and feel comfortable in who you are and how you wish to spend your time on earth in your profession. And that is great, for I wish you to be happy in what you are doing. However, some of you are searching for your identity in terms of opportunities and a trade that you enjoy. That is OK also. For as you grow as adults, your likes and dislikes may change and thus your careers. Do not be afraid to try new things. All the experience you have acquired, help comprise who and what you are. This can lead you to new heights. In today's world, you should be open to new ideas and not live in fear of the unknown. If you allow me to, I can guide you in ways that will make you feel accomplished and proud. If one door closes for your employment, please let me lead you to another door. I can do this. The next door may be better than the last.

In relationships, the same holds true. Some relationships last a lifetime on earth and this is very good. Other times, people grow and change and differences out weigh the similarities. This is not a bad thing. Some people come into your life for many reasons and benefits. The thing to do is be loving and learn from these relationships. Do not harbor anger in your heart, if a relationship fails. Honestly look within yourself and see if you were happy. Most times when relationships fail, you were not truly happy. Do not settle for unhappiness. If someone walks out of your life, it may be for the best. Do not feel hopeless. Another day, a new door may open.

Throughout your lifetime many things occur. Make the most of each situation. Be kind, giving and loving. That is what I wish from my children. With goodness and love in your heart, you can never displease me. If one door closes, I will certainly open another for you. Please have faith, trust, hope and love in your heart for me. Let me walk with you each day, good or bad. I will place in your life what is good for you.

With love,
Jesus Christ"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


These loving words are for you...from Our Lord, Jesus Christ.
(As dictated by HIM)

"To My Loving Friends,
All that comes from me and my Father is good. We wish to give you all good things in your life. You my loving children deserve all good things. I wish to make you happy.

Have hope in the dreams that I place in your mind and heart. Seek them with my Blessing and you will receive them. I am beside you all the time. Keep the joy and excitement as you go through each day. I am working hard in each of your lives to bring you joy, peace, hope and love. I know what you need, seek and desire. Trust me, that I can help you in your daily life.

There is so much negativity right now on earth. It is hard for so many of you to feel hopeful. But these difficult times will pass and you will see all that I have planned for you in this great lifetime. Never give up hope, for without it, your hearts will become sad. The challenges you face with me, we can overcome. I know each of your destiny's and wish to help you reach them. Never walk alone, for I am here as your loving companion. I promised that I would never leave you and I have not.

If something in your day upsets you, recognize it and offer it up to me. I will take your burden. Let us all unite and feel my love for the world. You are my loving children. It takes courage to believe in what you cannot see, however, you can always feel my loving presence. Fight whatever negative thoughts come your way and remember that the son of God, Jesus is beside you, through it all. I am the King of Peace.

God Bless you my children. Have hope in me always!

Your Saviour,
Jesus Christ"

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Good teachers are hard to find. Excellent teachers are rare. But the BEST TEACHER IN LIFE IS JESUS.
Jesus is my teacher. HE teaches me everything I want and need to learn. I am an open spirit and heart to Our Beloved Lord. I recognize and value HIS great wisdom and importance in my life. Jesus teaches with patience, kindness and love. My mind is an open book and I look to Jesus to teach me everything HE wishes.

If you ask Jesus to be your teacher, HE will take you under HIS loving wing. HE will slowly open your mind to everything and everyone around you. HE will allow you to see things clearly. You will mature quickly. You will have a deeper awareness of people and how they interact with themselves and you.

The Lord will give you insight, that you did not have before. You will hear with a keener sense, all that is around you. You will develop into a more objective person, instead of seeing things through your subjective view point.

Jesus will teach you about yourself. HE will teach you how to be honest with yourself. You will learn all about yourself, from the inside out. Whatever you discover and wish to change, are possible with HIS help. All you have to do is ask HIM.

Whatever situations you are going through, HE will lead you and teach you along the way. With Jesus as your teacher, HE is always available to consult with. Each decision you need or want to make, can be made WITH HIM. Your choices will end up being so much wiser. Why? Because Jesus wants the honor of you being HIS student and will teach you all of life's lessons starting today. Why try and figure things out alone, when HE is available, willing and present?

A long time ago, Jesus told me that HE WAS MY TEACHER. I felt honored, special, privileged and loved. There is still much for me to learn, for life is all about experiences and lessons along the way. BUT I HAVE THE BEST TEACHER AND FRIEND, JESUS CHRIST. Why don't you ask Jesus to be your teacher too? Your eyes will be opened and you will receive some of HIS wisdom and peace, a little at a time. You will no longer worry about decisions and you will lead a much more confident life.

Life is so much better and easier with Jesus as your teacher. The benefits are too long to express into words. If you allow HIM to be your teacher, you will be the one to know and feel the difference...and that is the most important person, you! Jesus loves you very much!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Friends, here is a message to you from Our Beloved Lord, Jesus Christ. (As dictated by HIM)

"To My Beloved Children and Friends,
Life is not always easy, but please KEEP THE FAITH. Whatever you are going through, please know that I am there and willing to help you through it all. There is never a moment that I am not present in your life. That is what I will and hence that is how it is. I can be with you all, in many ways.

KEEP BELIEVING IN YOURSELF. Never underestimate your abilities. You can achieve anything with my Blessing. Look inside your heart and see what you are passionate about, then pursue it. There may be days that are difficult, however, they will pass and you will see the fruits of your efforts. Take one step at a time and before you know it, you will reach your goal. Life is a journey. It is a place to learn and grow from within. Please do not evaluate yourself on what you have, but rather, who you are and who you are becoming. Great things take time. Be patient with yourself. Your time frame is not always the same as mine. Because of my wisdom, I allow things to occur, at the best time for each of you. HAVE FAITH.

KEEP BELIEVING IN ME. I love you and only want the best for each of my children. When times are hard, lean on me. I will give you the strength to persevere. If you only keep me alive in your heart, I can do the rest. Love me endlessly as I love you. Talk with me about anything. I am happy to listen and advise you. If you ask me to lead you on your journey, I will make sure that the road is clear and open for you to see. If there are obstacles, give them to me. I will remove them. Please, please never believe that I am gone and you are alone. I would never leave you. If only you could see me standing beside you all the time, then you would walk proudly and without fear. TRUST IN ME THAT I AM BESIDE YOU, FOR I AM.

Learn from your experiences, both good and bad. Nothing is wasted. Grow with love in your heart. Turn to me, My Beloved Mother, My Almighty Father any time. You are our Blessed Children. We love you. We are a family. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH US!
Please keep your faith and be happy!

Jesus Christ"

Monday, April 19, 2010


Jesus teaches us about words and actions...please read HIS loving advice to us in a letter.

"To My Beloved Children,
Words were created to express ourselves in different ways. Words are a form of communication and are very important. They give us an opportunity to share our feelings and intentions with each other. Words can be plentiful and make you feel great. However over time, words can sometimes mean very little, if not followed up by action.

If one gives you a loving sentiment in a word, then their actions should mirror that word. Words without the proper action or response, are quite meaningless. Any man can tell you a tale, at which one may believe. It is only after some time, that the tale will begin to unravel, if it is not based upon TRUTH. In order for a man to mean what he says, there must always be an action which will follow. It may not be immediate, but it will or should occur.

Excuses are used by fools, for even a wise man after time will figure out his real intentions.
If someone tells you something, please let them back it with a plan of action. Today, so many of my children are wounded by words, which have no true meaning at all. They are false statements. I say this not to upset you, however to teach you about the weak side of human nature. Ones words should echo their actions. Words without action are empty promises and may cause much heartache. Be weary of those that promise great things and have a million excuses of why they can not deliver. Take your time to assess the situation. Do not rush into each situation with your eyes blindfolded.

A good man will be there to back up his word. He will not lie, make excuses or deceive you.
A good friend who is trustworthy will love you and help you in good times and bad. A man who promises you his heart, will act appropriately.

My words and actions will always be the best for you. MY WORDS ARE THE TRUTH AND MY ACTIONS SPEAK VOLUMES. WHAT I SAY TO YOU, I DO.

I wish all my children to treat each other with respect and truthfulness, to the best of their ability. Be honest, whenever possible. Do not intentionally hurt each other. If you do not like something or someone, then say nothing. Do not lead them under false pretenses.

I am always here for you. Please turn to me and I can advise you in any matter. My words and actions mean the same. I LOVE YOU!

Your friend,
Jesus Christ"

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Jesus wants to help you in every way. HE sees your struggles. HE knows what is in your heart. HE knows what bothers you. Sometimes, knowing the truth about a situation, can help you move on and forward.

Nobody speaks the truth exactly like Jesus. If you have a question about something, or a situation that you find yourself in...GO TO JESUS. If the question pertains to your well being...then Jesus will reveal the truth in a situation. Many times people say different things...and we always do not know what to believe.

JESUS RESPECTS US AND VALUES "FREE WILL". HE will not make someone do something against their will. HE will not interfere with ones ability to choose and make decisions. There is only one exception to this... If you turn your will over to Jesus, to choose what HE knows and believes is the best for you...then HE WILL INTERCEDE IN YOUR PLANS. But it is your choice. I always say to Jesus..."Lord, whatever is your will and best for me, that is what I want...above all else". I might ask for something, however, if it does not go as I wanted, I have complete peace, knowing that Jesus is involved...AND HE ALWAYS KNOWS BEST.

So if you need an answer to something that is puzzling you, please turn to Our Beloved Lord.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Life can be unpredictable. Each day changes before our eyes. Situations arise and we need someone to help us. Friends and family are there, but is that enough? Sometimes it takes someone who only has our best interest at heart to help us. We can not always see the situation in an objective way and really know what is best for us. And what about time? Our friends and family have their own lives to deal with, so they can not always be by our side.

Jesus has all the time in the world, to be by your side and help you through anything. Let HIM teach you about yourself, life, love and share HIS wisdom with you. Jesus is the best teacher in the world. HE can give you things that no classroom can offer. HE can lovingly guide you through all the ups and downs of your life. Life on earth is our classroom and we do not have to study alone.

Jesus wants to be there for you. HE wishes for you to reach out to HIM. HE truly waits for you to turn towards HIM. HE has been watching over you since you were born. At different times in our life, we might think about God, but we may not move forward in our relationship with HIM. The only way to feel grounded on earth, is to stay connected with God. Each day, make a mental note, to acknowledge HIM in your life. Anytime and anywhere is perfect to get connected with God. If you need HIM, HE will be there and help you. However, why not build a genuine friendship with HIM now? You do not need hardships or wait for a difficult situation to go to Jesus.

Jesus' simple message is that HE IS YOUR FRIEND. Jesus is a very special friend, unlike no other. LIFE IS UNPREDICTABLE, BUT JESUS IS NOT. HE WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU. HIS LOVE IS CONSTANT AND HIS SUPPORT! Stay connected with HIM...and your days will be much happier, peaceful and predictable. Predictable because, you will understand in your mind and heart, that everything in your life, will be OK. Reach out to is the best investment, you can make in your life!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Miracles happen each day. Small or large, they exist. However, the most magnificent miracle is when Jesus himself rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. This is not legend, a myth or fiction, it is fact. Our Beloved Lord, after suffering great torture and releasing HIS soul to HIS BELOVED FATHER...died on the cross. HE did this for you, me and all generations to come.

Jesus was the ultimate example of selflessness, honor, devotion and promise. HE gave of himself for you and me. HE honored HIS FATHER'S WILL. HE was devoted to HIS mission, to give us eternal life and finally, Jesus promised us that HE would return. Upon returning after 3 days, HE left us a great gift, THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Jesus himself became the example of eternal life. HE did not died, but rather rose from the dead. HE is our witness to the promises of God and salvation. What Jesus and Our Almighty Father says, HAPPENS.

God speaks the truth. HIS promises are real and everlasting. Whatever God wills, will happen. Be assured of this. Invite God to have a hand in your life. Allow HIM to love you, guide you and promise you great things. GOD NEVER BREAKS A PROMISE.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Dear Friends,
I am honored tonight to hear Our Blessed Mother speak to us all. For months, I have been thinking about Our Beloved Mother writing to us and tonight is the first time, that I will receive a message for the world and publish it here. I feel it is most appropriate during this Holy Week.
I believe these are HER LOVING WORDS TO YOU...

"To My Loving Children on Earth,
It is my pleasure and honor to speak to you this evening. My daughter Kathleen is a faithful servant of God and pleases me greatly. She wishes as do I, to spread God's love throughout the world. Here is my prayer for you.

May you always know that God is within your reach
HE is never far from you
HE sees all and knows all
and is a very loving Father.
Go to HIM for everything.

My Beloved Son, Jesus sacrificed everything for mankind.
HE loved everyone HE met while on earth and always encouraged them to be good.
Jesus was a simple man on earth, not adorned with many material things and wealth.
But HE was very special.
Jesus taught the world in HIS short years on earth, how to love.
HE was an example of perfection.
HE was never selfish or unkind.
HE always cared about the welfare of others, before himself.
HE taught by example.

My son Jesus Christ today continues to love each of you, in HIS own way.
HE has not died and will live forever to rule over Heaven and Earth.
Unlike others, Jesus rules with love in HIS heart.
HE comes from love and thus is love.

In order to please HIM it is simple, please turn to HIM.
HE will love you far greater than you could ever imagine, HE already does, you just may not have been aware of it. This is only because of you, not HIM nor HIS intentions.
My son many years ago offered HIMSELF for the world, so that you may have eternal life and never perish. HE gave freely.

All I ask tonight, is to LOVE HIM BACK. Is that such a hard and difficult request?
If someone died for you, would you not be grateful?
Many problems could be solved if we turned to Jesus.
HE will guide all who turn to HIM.
Jesus offers you HIS love.
I ask you tonight, to please honor my son, by loving HIM.

Thank you my children.
God Bless You,
Your Blessed Mother".

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I sit and pray to Our Beloved Lord, so that HE might speak HIS loving words to all of you...
Here they are...God Bless all who read this.
Sincerely, Kathleen Frangeskos

"To My Loving Children and Peers,
I am here for all of you throughout time. As this week marks the anniversary of my death on the cross, I wish you all to know that my life and death was not in vain. It is still for you today.
Suffering takes on many forms and is still present today with so many of my children on earth. I too suffered, so that mankind would have eternal life, in a place so glorious, where there is no suffering, as on earth. My dying on the cross opened up the gates of Heaven for you all to enter, at a time when I call you home. Suffering is temporary, as I have experienced first hand.

Throughout my dying moments, I had the ones closest to me at my side, my Beloved Mother Mary and St. Mary Magdalene. And most importantly, I had my Father, who although I could not see, I felt HIS strength and love. This allowed me to endure the great suffering which I had to overcome for eternal life. My fate was chosen for me. Although I did not like it, I endured it for you and most importantly, because it was MY FATHER'S WILL.

Living as a man on earth and being DIVINE at the same time offered many challenges for me. I experienced some of what you do each day. Ridicule, rejection, harsh treatment from others and judgment. These things all hurt me however, I understood human nature and its complexities. I understood where they stemmed from. Sometimes it was fear and others times it was man's thirst for power and ego. All of these characteristics did not stem from love, but rather insecurity. Being a noble man is not always easy, however it is the correct way to be. Please put aside your pride, ego and harsh words and embrace others. We all need to be loved and that will be the source of your happiness. Give from your heart and not always from your mind. Love one another as I have loved you.

Although my suffering took place many, many years ago, today I still suffer when I see my precious children suffering from abuse, neglect and injustices. Please help to correct this. With your help, we can make a difference.

There is nothing you can not overcome with my help. Regardless of your life conditions now, please pray to me and I will change your circumstances. Nothing is hopeless. If you have sadness in your heart, in time, I will replace it with my joy. My death on the cross allowed me to stay with you forever, in whichever way you need and want me. I am here for all of you. I suffered greatly but I do not regret it for a moment. I died for you, so that we may live together forever in peace.


Yours in Faith and Love Forever,
Jesus Christ"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Being close to Jesus...has it's rewards. Life of course has it's ups and downs...but when Jesus is your friend, life takes on a whole new perspective. You don't take life too seriously in the sense, that others and situations can effect you in a negative way.

You feel loved and protected by Jesus. You know that HE is with you all the time...watching, observing and interacting when you ask or IF HE FEELS IT IS NECESSARY. A friendship with Jesus is very special. It is all encompassing in a good way. You wake each day, knowing of this extremely powerful, loving person by your side. It is a true love and friendship...and nothing can come between you and HIM. I would not allow it, nor would HE.

Even at moments when you feel down, frustrated or seems momentary because of Jesus. YOU KNOW, HE WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO TOLERATE ANYTHING, THAT YOU CANNOT HANDLE WITH HIM. So the moments of stress, sadness and frustration are very small and limited. All you have to do is go to HIM WITH YOUR FEELINGS. They may be moments in your heart thinking of HIM or looking at an image of HIM, that you adore. HE is alive and present and you can feel HIS comfort immediately. Just spending time with Jesus, you know that everything will be OK. HE loves you and will heal your sad heart and disappointment that others may cause in your life.

Overall, I can honestly say, that I am happy most of the time because of my relationship with Jesus. HE and I are so close, that nothing can happen to me without his approval. And generally, HE only allows good things to happen to me...and if some hardships fall my way, HE is the one to encourage me to overcome them. HE GIVES ME THE STRENGTH AND LOVE TO STAND STRONG AND BE INDEPENDENT ON EARTH.

I have gone to Jesus with a loving heart, offering HIM my will to choose the best for me. And Jesus has lovingly accepted this. HE guides me in everything, loves me throughout all I do and will ALWAYS BE THERE FOR ME...FOR ETERNITY. This I know for sure!
Jesus will never forsake me...nor will HE forsake you!

Each of us has the opportunity to bond with Jesus and have our own special relationship. I urge all of you to turn to HIM...offer HIM your heart. HE will lovingly accept it and take care of you forever! Start feeling good...because of Jesus!

Monday, March 22, 2010


These beautiful words are being spoken to you from Our Lord, Jesus Christ.
May you feel HIS love when you read them...
Kathleen Frangeskos

"To My Children and Friends,
I speak to you, so that you may know me better and feel my love for each of you. I adore all of you, beyond your comprehension. I live for you. My greatest desire is that all my children and My Father's on earth, know me and love me. I wish to do everything for you, all you have to do, is allow me to. There is nothing out of my reach in the universe. It is quite simple. Heaven and earth are united in many ways, for my loved ones are spread out throughout the universe. I can be in all places at once and therefore remain with you all the time. You only need to invite me in your life, to truly feel my presence.

When your heart and soul becomes open to me, many things can happen. I can help shape your life, so that your wishes and dreams become a reality. I want what you want. I know the yearnings of your heart and soul. What your heart requires is love and your soul yearns to stay connected to me. When you allow yourself to be with me, in a variety of ways, you experience true joy. True joy is what you all seek on earth and I can provide that for you my loving children. Please allow me to.

Receiving my inner peace comes from knowing me very well. It is not a causal thing. It is a unity of heart, mind and soul. When you let me into your heart and mind, I can give you my peace.

My peace is quite special. It is not something you can buy or receive from another. It originates from me, directly to your soul. Your soul fills with my abundant love and security. It overflows with joy and therefore causes you to feel happy. Your disposition changes, your attitude changes and your outlook on life is altered. It is a beautiful experience. I know this because some of you have received my peace and I can see and feel the effect it has on you.

When you receive my peace, your worries will disappear. Your troubles will be diminished. You will smile more and be loving to all. Your goals change and you truly become "Children of God". This is what I wish for all my loving children on earth. It is a transformation that only I can bestow upon you. I wish to give you my peace.

Please open your heart and mind to me. Ask for my help in your daily life. I will guide you in all matters, both big and small. I am happy to. And then, when you learn to TRUST ME, VALUE ME, I will bestow my peace upon you. I will never take it from you. It will remain with you through all your days on earth. I pray that all who read this, seek my love, guidance and peace. I promised to take care of you and I never break a promise. Love me as I have loved you and you will share in my peace. God Bless all my children.

Jesus Christ"