Sunday, June 15, 2014


Dear Sweet Children,
Your Heavenly Father watches over you with a loving eye.
HE is always consumed with your well being.  You are HIS loving precious child whom HE adores.  You cannot begin to imagine how you were created in HIS image and adorned with LOVE.  
You are special.  You are beautiful.  You belong to our Heavenly Father.  

For any reason, at anytime, please reach out to your Father.  HE is there listening to you with an open heart.  Nothing can seperate you from HIM.  

Father, thank you for all you have done for my brothers and sisters.  They need you, as do I.
May we all serve you together with love in our hearts.  May we be kind to one another and respectful.  May we live by your example.  Amen.
Your Son,
Jesus Christ

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Dear Loved Ones,
Why is it always you that I must comfort most?  Why is it so easy for you to forget that I love you and have a good life planned out for you?  In the busy days of your life, it is best to sit, slow down and spend a little time with me.  

How can I teach you, love you and lead you, if you are too busy to hear my voice?  How can I break through the distractions of your many activities on earth?  In your blessed heart and soul, you long to hear me and I long to be close to you.  I am your source of comfort and happiness.  I am your peace.  I am your present and your future.  All good things may come through me.  If you wish to honor me in your life, then certainly all good will come of your efforts.  Why would I encourage and allow you to work for me and then not allow anyone to see your work and beauty?  

Sometimes on our journey, we need to take time for ourselves.  We need to reset our course.  But in doing this, we need guidance.  In order to have guidance, you need to spend some quiet time with me.  In those moments, I will replenish your soul and give you hope.   I will direct your sweet loving heart towards greatness.  I will plant in your heart, the desires of my heart for you.  There you will know me and your destiny.  

When you get discouraged, please take time for me.  On your journey are many rest spots and in each one of them, I AM PRESENT.  You should not navigate through life alone.  That is not my wish nor plan.  Together you and I can do amazing things.  Remember the love I have for you and remember the dreams we both share.  With me, all things are possible.  Never give up or yield.  I LOVE YOU…YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW.

Forever yours,
Jesus Christ