Friday, March 28, 2014


                                       Artist:  Val Korber

Do you worry?  Most people do.  Some of us worry everyday, all the time, while some of us worry very little or not at all.  How could this be?  What are the differences between those of us who worry a lot and some very little?

My answer is Faith and Trust in God the Father, Jesus and The Blessed Mother.  If you have real Faith and Trust, you will believe that God has a great plan for your life and HE will provide for all your needs.  HE understands your life, problems and current situation that you are in.  HE also knows that it is temporary.  God will never abandon you and let you suffer.  HE is teaching you things and making you into the person, that you were meant to become.

A person who has a friendship and relationship with The Father, Son and/or Blessed Mother worry very little.  They have real Trust that God is working in their lives.  They may not see the light at the end of the tunnel, but they know it is there.  These people have received peace from God above.  

Our world can be very stressful and many people get caught up in it.  They fail to take time for themselves and find confidence, love, peace and security from above.  If I told you, that once you have Faith and Trust in God, your problems would work themselves out, according to his plan, would you still worry?  

PATIENCE is needed to help you stop worrying.  God's timing is always perfect.  If you have love in your heart, and work on increasing your FAITH, then you have NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. 

As your trust and faith deepens, so too will your worries disappear!  Even though we may not see the solutions and have all the answers, God does.  To get rid of worrying, TURN TO FATHER, JESUS AND MOTHER.  They will honor your devotion and trust in them.  You will feel safe and have their peace.  And slowly your concerns and problems will all work out and you will not be worried about your future and life!  THOSE WITH GREAT FAITH, HAVE VERY LITTLE WORRIES!  
Amen.                Kathleen Frangeskos, Author 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Dear Friends,
Do you know how much Jesus loves you?  Do you know how much he really cares and watches over you each day?  Well I know that HE DOES AND WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR YOU ON EARTH…THAT IS GOOD FOR YOU.

When something you pray for does not happen, it is not because Jesus does not hear your prayers.  It is because HE has closed that door because HE has something much better and greater for you.  This is the truth.  If you spend a little time knowing Jesus and opening up your heart and mind to HIM, HE will reveal himself to you.  You will receive his love, peace and guidance for your life.  Your relationship with Jesus can start at anytime.  Today is the perfect moment in your life. 

 If you already have a deep love and friendship, do not let the outside world, with all the noise block out HIS precious voice.  Remember HIM during your day or week.

Above all, you must have TRUST IN GOD THE FATHER AND JESUS.  Whatever is happening in your life now, will lead you to God's great plan.  Honor Jesus with your heart and devotion…and watch and feel how your life will improve.  When you TRUST in Father and Jesus, you will receive great confidence and peace.  God really has everything figured out for you.  BELIEVE AND TRUST…May Jesus Bless all who read these words.  
Kathleen Frangeskos, Author