Monday, December 23, 2013


If you are close to Our Lord, Our Beloved Father and Blessed Mother, no evil can harm you.  For if you give them your heart, you are safe and protected.  No harm shall come to you or your families.  God The Father watches over you all the time and his Beloved Son Jesus, never takes HIS loving eyes off of you.  Do not be afraid of evil, for those devoted to God have nothing to fear.

Your Blessed Mother loving watches her sweet children on earth.  You are her sweet child.  She adores you and will protect you from harm.  She is very wise, powerful and will protect you and your families through all your days on earth.  

On earth there will always be a war between good and evil, until God destroys satan.  You must keep God, Jesus and Beloved Mary in your heart and they will watch over you each day.  Satan has no hold on those that are DEVOTED TO GOD.  He cannot hurt you or your families, although he may try.  

Love God, Jesus and Our Blessed Mother with all your heart and they will BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY.  No evil can harm you when they are watching out for you.  

Thank you Father, Jesus and The Blessed Mother for all your protection and love.  We all need you each day.  Please continue to protect your Beloved Children on earth.