Monday, November 4, 2013


"To My Loving Children,
I am here with you right now.  I never leave your side.  Do not let the world you live in scare you and make you live in fear.  For there may be days and nights you do not feel my presence, but I continue by your side.  

When you are anxious or sad,  go to a quiet place and sit.  Open your heart to me and your mind.  Know I am beside you.  I lovingly watch over you.  Here tell me your fears and concerns.  I will give you peace and strength.  When you talk to me, you will feel better.  I will relieve you of your anxiety and sorrow.  In this busy world full of distractions, I am the only one who can comfort you.  Come to me and I will.  

Sometimes people are mean and events unfold.  It is not my doing.  But I can change the outcome of anything.  I will always do what is best for you.  I will intervene on your behalf always.  Do not let the everyday things cause you stress.  The really important decisions are left up to me and hence, I will arrange good things for you.  DO NOT BE AFRAID.  I AM LOVING AND POWERFUL AND WILL HELP YOU THROUGH ANYTHING.  WE ARE FAMILY.