Tuesday, October 8, 2013


You are one of a kind and unique. There is no other like you. God created you in HIS beautiful image and you are filled with God's love. With God's love, comes many Blessings.

God the Father created HIS beautiful son Jesus. Jesus is someone who has many things in common with you. HE lived on earth and suffered like many of us are doing today. Jesus can understand everything you feel and think. HE can read your heart and mind. He wishes to take away your fears and insecurities. HE wishes to be close to you.

Today more than ever, we need Jesus to help us. HE can protect and guide us on our path. Many of us may feel stuck in our lives. It is a reality. But how can we change our outcomes? One way is to turn to Jesus. HIS spirit resides with us. Jesus is our answer for help, guidance and encouragement. Do not be ashamed or shy to approach HIM. Walk, sit, talk or just think of HIM in your heart. Ask HIM to help you with any particular need.

 If you love Jesus, he already knows this. If you TRUST IN HIM, Jesus will never forsake you and leave you helpless. JESUS WILL DO EVERYTHING IN HIS LOVING POWER TO MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER! Never think life is over for you because it is not. With Jesus, new things will happen and you will find satisfaction, love and peace. 

Jesus adores you. You are special to HIM!

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D said...

Thank you, needed to see this right now. God bless you.