Sunday, July 28, 2013


Dear Jesus,
What are your plans for my life?  As one chapter closes, I know another one opens.  Please put before me, the new opportunities you wish me to see.  Open new doors, so that I may succeed and do your WILL.  

In times of change, comfort me, so I am not sad.  If I feel lonely along the way, fill me with peace and happiness.  

Remind me that, WITH YOU, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!  You have ideas for my life, which I can not even comprehend nor imagine.  Open my mind and heart to your great plans for me and help me succeed in doing them.  I am your faithful servant and I wish to do good things for you on earth.  Please give me a new purpose on this part of my journey.  I love you, I trust you and I need your help and encouragement.    Replace my sadness with joy!  

Please stay close to me in all ways.
Love your child

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