Friday, May 3, 2013


Whatever questions you may have about your life,
whatever answers you need,
whatever comforts you require,
should be directed toward God the Father or
His Son Jesus.  
Bring yourself to them in your heart
and open up. 
Ask for help, guidance and love.
Ask for them to cure your temporary depression and 
make you see the brightness again.

The evil one wishes to cloud your judgement and 
make you feel hopeless.  He wishes to rob you of your
life and be under his negative thoughts.  He wishes you
to be alone and fearful.  He wishes you to forget
about God and HIS Son Jesus.  

But reach out to God,
HE will save you and 
make you feel better.  
God knows exactly what is in 
your precious heart.
HE wishes to help you,
to love you
and make you happy.

Go to God The Father or Jesus
for everything because
they are your family.
You belong to them.  That is the only
way to have peace on earth.  

You will become refreshed 
and full of hope and life again.
Possibilities and a positive attitude 
will stir up within you. 
Negativity will leave you and
you will remember that God is in control.
If you love The Father and The Son,
all will be fine for you.  
Do not worry.