Sunday, January 13, 2013


"Beloved, do you not know that I am here for you?  I above all things, are always at your side.  Your precious soul resides in my care.  Open your heart to me, for I alone will speak the truth to your soul.  I wish to guide you along this journey.  Your soul looks for me and my comforts.  You too, need my loving care and protection.  Seek me and seek all that I can offer you.  My love is free.  It comes without boundaries.   

Some of you know me and hence, experience my peace.  My peace is a grand gift.  It simplifies your mind and allows you to see and feel the important things.  Those that are devoted to me, have a clearer vision and are filled with hope.  

I am here for you.  Today and tomorrow, each day will be the same.  Whatever your religious beliefs, know that I am the Son of The Most High and love you.  I have been devoted to you since creation and shall remain in this role for all eternity.  

Lean on me for my great wisdom, for I shall provide it.  Ask for my love, for I shall shower you with it.  Ask for my protection, for you and your family, for I shall provide it.  Take advantage of all that I can do and offer for you, for this is my GIFT TO YOU.  Endless love and mercy are yours.  Do not be afraid to approach me, for I am very gentle and kind.  I do not anger easily.  I have great patience.  I wish you to know me, for I already know you.  Tell me you want to know me better and you shall.  Ask me to be close to you and I shall.  Ask me all that is in your heart and it shall be yours.  

I love you.  It is as simple as that.   And we can interact very easily together.  I am not in 
some far away place, unreachable to my children.  Quite the contrary.  Let me be your Brother, your friend,  for I already am.  
I send you my Blessings, Jesus"

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