Sunday, November 4, 2012


"To My Loved Ones,
I am sorry for the recent heartache that many have experienced.  I have not left you, but rather helped weather the storm.  In the history of the world, there have been many storms of all kinds.  Storms are natures way of telling us, it is unhappy.  Nature can be beautiful, however sometimes it explodes.  These are brief moments and are not meant to scare you.  

The ones closest to me, know me and hence, those are the ones with the least fear.  I do not wish for you to live in fear, but rather, have faith in me and my Beautiful Father.  We will provide all that you need and will help you recover.   

Time on earth passes quickly.  It is not like Heaven, which is eternal.  So, through the storms in your life, please remember that I ride them with you.  I would never leave you.  I watch over you with a loving eye.  You are mine.  Turn to me and talk to me, whatever is on your mind. 
 I am always listening.  I love you.

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