Thursday, September 27, 2012


When you walk around, are you warm, kind and friendly?  Do you smile at people that you encounter during your day?  Most people are kind, friendly and loving.  Each of us wish to be liked and respected.  

Showing your real inner self is so important to your happiness and for the world.  You are made of love and therefore, that is your core.  If you look at each individual as unique and special, it will put happiness in your heart.  Whatever their situation, if you are kind and nice to them, you will teach them something.  If they are genuinely happy, then you will have a good experience and spread the love.  If the other person appears angry, agitated and miserable...simply put, they are an unhappy person.  Instead of getting mad, pray for them because they are hurting inside.  

Spread your love, kindness and happiness with others.  In someway, somehow, it will have an affect on them.  You will teach them something.  People are wonderful.  

Kathleen Frangeskos

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