Thursday, April 19, 2012


The cool and wise teenager
knows God.
They know that God is real,
loves them and has their back.
They know if they turn to God
HE will direct them
and protect them.

The cool and wise teenager
knows life is sometimes hard
but they have a powerful friend
and HIS name is God.
Their relationship is private
and HE will never rat them out.
They trust in God
feel secure and have faith.
They know their not alone,
God walks them home.

The cool and wise teenager
hangs with the best
but knows his super friend
is a cut above the rest.
He never forgets his unseen friend
it's a love, a partnership
a journey through life.

The cool and wise teenager
will have a better life,
cause of his alliance
with the Big Almighty.
This ain't fiction
but a fact.
If you know a teenager,
did you teach them that?

Dedicated to Julz, Mike and John

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