Monday, April 16, 2012


"To My Loving Children,
The Answers you are seeking will come to you in time. Please be patient. I know what is in your heart. I hear your prayers to me. They do not fall on deaf ears, quite the contrary.

If you allow me to, I will lovingly guide you towards greatness and happiness on earth. Please seek my approval in your daily life. I can open all doors for you to succeed and please me. Your heart and desires are sweet to me. I love you all.

Please know this. If your heart is leading you in one direction, follow it. If your brain is telling you another, stop, pause and seek my great counsel. I will guide you toward the best decision. Do not rush into your decisions, rather be patient and wait for my signs. I can direct you in all areas of your life. Sometimes we make mistakes on earth and that is OK, for life is a learning process of growth and becoming who you are. Never let anyone pressure you for a quick answer, for that may be a trap. Be cautious of those that are forceful, for my plans never include intimidation or fear.

I unfold each day, your true destiny. If I am present in your life, it will be much easier, for you to walk on a correct path. Without me by your side, it is walking blindly on earth. You cannot see nor hear. Walk with me and I ensure, you will arrive exactly where you should be.

Ask me questions all the time, for I do not mind. I love when you interact with me daily. When I was on earth, I always had my Beloved Father to consult with. It was HE WHO GUIDED ME. I NEVER WALKED ALONE, BUT RATHER SOUGHT HIS WILL IN EVERYTHING. You too, could be like me. Consult me and I will show you which way to walk.

We all want answers now. However, all cannot be revealed to you at the present. BUT TRUST THAT I KNOW AND LOVE YOU AND ONLY WANT THE BEST FOR YOU. If you ask me a question, I will answer you. Look for my many signs I put before you. COME TO ME, HAVE FAITH IN ME AND TRUST ME! I will provide all you need to know at this moment in your life. That is my promise to you tonight. I love you my sweet children. Thank you for reading my message. God Bless you.
Your friend,
Jesus Christ"


Ginny said...

most excellent, Kathleen! I must share with you my wonderful Lent, Holy Week, and EAster...also I heard a speaker (Vinny Flynn from the ministry on Eucharistic Adoration and Divine Mercy. I cannot tell you how much grace I received and how open my eyes were during these times. I fell in love all over again with my Lord Jesus and I cannot stop telling people about it...However, I am being met with a lot of eye rolling and lukewarm response from many people. In my own extended family, no one wants to hear about the Lord. I am finding this so discouraging as when you find a treasure, you want to share it. The only support and positive respone I get is from my Lectio Divina group and of course, my husband. Please remember me in your prayers, as I truly feel that God has a special mission for me, but I am still not understanding it. Thanks..for your blog and for the messages.

Kathleen Frangeskos said...

Hi Ginny,
I totally understand how you feel. Some of us are Blessed, in that we have a very close relationship with Our Lord. It is a treasure, a Gift from HIM. You are I, are both open to experience and receive HIS Blessings and love.

Sometimes others are not. Even in my own family, I am sure people may roll their eyes, at my strong bond and devotion to Our Beloved Lord. But what keeps me grounded and steadfast is my relationship with HIM, I will never forsake Jesus or hide my love and devotion to HIM. HE is real. If only others knew, of our deep relationship with Jesus and experienced it too, they would follow HIM closely like us.

Jesus was often mocked on earth by others. HE always tells me how he "offered himself to others". This is what I try and do...offer Jesus to others. They have a choice to be open to HIM or not.

Please try not to feel hurt. That is not what Jesus wants for you. HE knows you are HIS precious child, whom HE loves deeply. At some point, people may draw closer to Jesus...however, you are already close to HIM. Treasure your relationship with Jesus. That pleases HIM greatly.

I always keep you in my thoughts and prayers dear friend. I appreciate you visiting and sharing your thoughts on Jesus Knows You Best.