Thursday, March 8, 2012


If your not having fun in life, there's something wrong. All work and no play is not what God had in mind, when HE created you. You were made to love and be loved, laugh and smile. Create memories!

Discover all that life has to offer. Don't be shy! Think outside the box...Life can be an adventure of new beginnings and experiences, if you allow yourself to let go and have fun! Go beyond your comfort zone! How will you know if you like something, if you never tried it?

Your spirit and soul is embraced by love, that is the corner stone of your existence. By having fun and letting yourself be happy, you are giving yourself love. LOVE is like need it.

Don't save all your fun for a rainy day, cause it might not rain too much! Don't let people cramp your style...instead surround yourself with happy, fun loving people! There is a time and place for everything...time for fun and time for work. Make sure you make time for both!

Go out and have some fun! God is pleased when you are happy. When I go on adventures, big or small, I always invite Jesus along...HE is my partner and my protector. I never leave home without HIM... If you need some fun, ask God...HE will make it happen!