Friday, January 13, 2012


"To My Loving Children,
If you could see the future, would you feel better? If I showed you, all that you would accomplish, would you be satisfied? I know your futures and they are bright. Please do not let the circumstances and situations you are in now, dictate your future. For that is not true.

There is a time and place for everything to occur. Some of us are starting out our careers, while others are finishing. New families are beginning, as older ones are settling into retirement. Whatever is your time in life, please know that your future will grow and blossom. There is no age limit as to when your life can become brighter. Each of you holds many roles on earth and each one takes time to complete.

I know you all wish to feel accomplished and successful. This is good. Most of you have my Blessings on the things you do, those of who, which will succeed. But all good things take time my children. Please do not despair. Those of you who are selfless Mothers and Fathers deserve my praise and thanks. Yours is the hardest job given to you, parenthood. But that is not only who you are. You are you. A person, a loving child of God The Most High.

I have said, if I revealed all that you will do in this lifetime, what surprises would be left? All I can say is, to please be patient and Trust In Me. Your future is in my capable hands and it will be bright. Your goals are many and one by one they will be accomplished. And with each accomplishment, will bring you satisfaction and joy.

Do not despair, for life can change in a heartbeat, your life! Let me help you in your future endeavors and love you now in the present. Life passes quickly my children, so please do not spend it with regrets. Have few and far between. The closer you are to me, you will feel my presence and hope.

Come to me with your worries and concerns and I will make you feel better. I understand you and I love you. Do not wait for the future, enjoy your life now! Your future will arrive, as it should!
Sending you my Blessings,
Jesus Christ

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