Monday, January 30, 2012


"My Sweet Loving Children,
How I wish to speak with you. So many of you are walking around alone and afraid. I wish you to hear my voice. I do not want you to be afraid of anything. It is so important for your soul to stay connected to me. The soul is the engine of your body. Only when your soul is in complete unison with me, can you find peace and security.

Distractions are all abound on earth, so it is up to you, to find a place and time for me. If you wish to communicate with me in an open matter, you first must give yourself time. My heart is always open for you, it is you, who need to open your heart to me. Let me speak to your heart. I will bestow my love upon you and give you my peace. Become aware of my voice within yourself. I will speak to you. You will hear me in the little urgings of your heart and mind. I will give you ideas and make suggestions. You can turn to me and ask me to lead you, for I will lovingly do so. No one can separate us. You are my child and I care greatly for you.

It pains me to see you suffer. I never want you to feel alone or hopeless because that is furthest from the truth. I AM HERE NOW AND ALWAYS. I shall remain in your life forever. BEING GIFTED TO HEAR ME, IS A GIFT I CAN BESTOW ON ALL MY CHILDREN. NO ONE IS EXCLUDED. Please accept that I am here and alive today. I am closer to you than you know. I know how you feel and think. I just need you to acknowledge me and turn towards me. It is then, that I can speak to you face to face. Of course not in a physical sense, but through the energy of the universe.

I place many things before you and I wish to better direct your life. You do not have to make all the decisions on your own. If you open your consciousness to me, I can better direct you. I will use all the ways of the universe to communicate with you. Through friends, family, coworkers, situations, circumstances, songs, feelings and intuitively. If you open yourself to me, your Lord and Saviour, I can help direct your life.

I lovingly wish all my children to hear me and learn my voice. My voice speaks the truth. It speaks what is best for you. It speaks with love and not anger. Do not be afraid to hear my voice, for some say, it is quite beautiful. If you wish to hear my voice, please ask me and you will. You are my children and I will never forsake you. Think of me as your brother, for I am.

Go in peace, without the fears of the world, upon your shoulders. I am here and I can carry a great deal. I love you.
Jesus Christ"


Anonymous said...

When I talk to Jesus in my prayers and ask him for answers why is it that sometimes he doesn't answer them? Especially when your in a bad time and you need him the most?

Fountainpenhouse said...

I typed in the google search the keyword "what message do Jesus have for me" and I saw this page. It has been a blessing to me. Thanks for this post

Kathleen Frangeskos said...

Dear Anonymous,
Jesus will always answer our prayers. HE will never leave you. Sometimes our requests are not the best for us, but only Jesus knows what is best.
If you pray for something and it doesn't happen, please know and believe that Jesus has something BETTER FOR YOU COMING IN THE FUTURE. It is true. So pray and ask for what is in your heart...but remember, Jesus will always give you what is BEST !
Thanks for sharing...hope to see you again.
Best wishes,

Kathleen Frangeskos said...

Dear Fountainpenhouse,
Jesus will always guide you in many ways. HE loves you. I am glad that you felt a connection and Blessed to read Jesus' loving words.

Continue to turn towards Jesus and HE will guide you all the days of your life.
I hope you stop by again and share your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katleen. Im reading for the fourth time it is beautiful, i want to experiences God's presence to hear his voice but im scared that when that time comes i wont be ready for that, I tremble when i think about it. Please pray for me to be strong. God bless you!