Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Are you ready for good, exciting changes to occur in your life this year? What does God have planned for you? This year, 2012 I feel will be a good one! I am excited! It is hard to imagine exactly what God has planned, but knowing God, it will be great! Are you eager and feeling positive?

Are you ready for a great year? What opportunities will God place before you? Feeling positive, excited and eager are good things! It is January and we have the whole year before us. What will happen in 2012, to make our lives better, happier and more fulfilling?

Only God knows and that is OK! But take a little time to reflect on your life and have a private discussion with God about what you would like to happen. It is good to have a dialogue with God and let things off your chest. Tell HIM your past disappointments and what you would like to change in this coming year. If you are ready for new doors to open, ask HIM! If you don't know exactly what you want, that is OK too. Just ask God to take control of your life and make it better. HIS decisions are always best for us!

God wants us to get excited about our lives. HE wants us to believe in HIS LOVE AND POWER and how HE CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER!
New experiences and growth are before you...tell God you are ready! Ask God to inspire you and place in your heart and mind HIS GREAT PLAN FOR YOU!

Start the year off expecting great things to unfold! I am! All I need now is a little patience...but all good things happen in God's time...and I know this! Go after all your dreams...you have God on your side! Anything is possible with God! Happy New Year friends!

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