Monday, January 30, 2012


"My Sweet Loving Children,
How I wish to speak with you. So many of you are walking around alone and afraid. I wish you to hear my voice. I do not want you to be afraid of anything. It is so important for your soul to stay connected to me. The soul is the engine of your body. Only when your soul is in complete unison with me, can you find peace and security.

Distractions are all abound on earth, so it is up to you, to find a place and time for me. If you wish to communicate with me in an open matter, you first must give yourself time. My heart is always open for you, it is you, who need to open your heart to me. Let me speak to your heart. I will bestow my love upon you and give you my peace. Become aware of my voice within yourself. I will speak to you. You will hear me in the little urgings of your heart and mind. I will give you ideas and make suggestions. You can turn to me and ask me to lead you, for I will lovingly do so. No one can separate us. You are my child and I care greatly for you.

It pains me to see you suffer. I never want you to feel alone or hopeless because that is furthest from the truth. I AM HERE NOW AND ALWAYS. I shall remain in your life forever. BEING GIFTED TO HEAR ME, IS A GIFT I CAN BESTOW ON ALL MY CHILDREN. NO ONE IS EXCLUDED. Please accept that I am here and alive today. I am closer to you than you know. I know how you feel and think. I just need you to acknowledge me and turn towards me. It is then, that I can speak to you face to face. Of course not in a physical sense, but through the energy of the universe.

I place many things before you and I wish to better direct your life. You do not have to make all the decisions on your own. If you open your consciousness to me, I can better direct you. I will use all the ways of the universe to communicate with you. Through friends, family, coworkers, situations, circumstances, songs, feelings and intuitively. If you open yourself to me, your Lord and Saviour, I can help direct your life.

I lovingly wish all my children to hear me and learn my voice. My voice speaks the truth. It speaks what is best for you. It speaks with love and not anger. Do not be afraid to hear my voice, for some say, it is quite beautiful. If you wish to hear my voice, please ask me and you will. You are my children and I will never forsake you. Think of me as your brother, for I am.

Go in peace, without the fears of the world, upon your shoulders. I am here and I can carry a great deal. I love you.
Jesus Christ"

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Friends, don't worry...everything's gonna be alright! You have nothing to fear because God is on your side...In your life, there is someone very powerful and loving watching over you, HIS NAME IS JESUS. HE sees all and knows all. Jesus wants the best for you. HE is working to help you through everything in your daily life.

Yes, it is true! Although you can't see HIM, HE IS THERE! Jesus understands you, better than you think. HE really loves you and will do anything to protect, guide and help you. Invite Jesus in your life. Ask HIM to Bless you, in all that you do!

Life can be strange. One minute, we feel great and on top of the world and the next, we may feel defeated and hopeless. BUT KNOW THIS...IF YOU ASK JESUS TO BE PART OF YOUR LIFE, YOU WILL RECEIVE MANY BLESSINGS! Jesus will never force HIMSELF upon you, so it is important to invite HIM IN YOUR LIFE.

It is simple...have a little trust and faith and say "Jesus, I Trust In You. Be by my side, guide me and help me". That's all in takes!

If you are trying something new in your life and it doesn't work out, DON'T WORRY! There is a reason God blocked this path for you. Have faith because JESUS WILL PUT SOMETHING MUCH GREATER for you in your life. Jesus' plans are always the best for you! Have patience and know that something better, is going to happen for you. This is the truth...not fiction.
Jesus' power, love and Blessings are endless and there are no limits, in what HE can do in your life! You are important to really matter!

If you TRUST IN JESUS and understand how much HE LOVES YOU...than you will know, somehow, someway, everything's gonna be alright! Keep your hope, excitement and dreams alive...
Keep Jesus close in your can get through anything with HIM! And most importantly, you can celebrate all your victories with HIM!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


In this busy world, we all need time for ourselves. We all try and do so much each day and sometimes, it is best if we slow down. Take a little time for yourself alone. Hear the silence of your home and feel peace. Quiet can be good for the soul and for your mind.

Take time to organize your thoughts. Give your body must needed rest. Sit and remember that God is present with you in your home. You are not alone. Talk to HIM about anything on your mind. Talk about your dreams and wishes, your past disappointments, your daily challenges...

Ask God to help you in your life. Whatever that means...HE KNOWS.
Communicate with HIM. Talk, cry, smile, be silent...
You are a beautiful person and God knows this.
No one is perfect, only God.

Ask God to do something special for deserve it! Allow HIM to BLESS YOU and watch for beautiful things to happen!
Sometimes you have to slow down in life, to get back up stronger!
Take time for yourself, that is what God wishes for you!

Friday, January 13, 2012


"To My Loving Children,
If you could see the future, would you feel better? If I showed you, all that you would accomplish, would you be satisfied? I know your futures and they are bright. Please do not let the circumstances and situations you are in now, dictate your future. For that is not true.

There is a time and place for everything to occur. Some of us are starting out our careers, while others are finishing. New families are beginning, as older ones are settling into retirement. Whatever is your time in life, please know that your future will grow and blossom. There is no age limit as to when your life can become brighter. Each of you holds many roles on earth and each one takes time to complete.

I know you all wish to feel accomplished and successful. This is good. Most of you have my Blessings on the things you do, those of who, which will succeed. But all good things take time my children. Please do not despair. Those of you who are selfless Mothers and Fathers deserve my praise and thanks. Yours is the hardest job given to you, parenthood. But that is not only who you are. You are you. A person, a loving child of God The Most High.

I have said, if I revealed all that you will do in this lifetime, what surprises would be left? All I can say is, to please be patient and Trust In Me. Your future is in my capable hands and it will be bright. Your goals are many and one by one they will be accomplished. And with each accomplishment, will bring you satisfaction and joy.

Do not despair, for life can change in a heartbeat, your life! Let me help you in your future endeavors and love you now in the present. Life passes quickly my children, so please do not spend it with regrets. Have few and far between. The closer you are to me, you will feel my presence and hope.

Come to me with your worries and concerns and I will make you feel better. I understand you and I love you. Do not wait for the future, enjoy your life now! Your future will arrive, as it should!
Sending you my Blessings,
Jesus Christ

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Are you ready for good, exciting changes to occur in your life this year? What does God have planned for you? This year, 2012 I feel will be a good one! I am excited! It is hard to imagine exactly what God has planned, but knowing God, it will be great! Are you eager and feeling positive?

Are you ready for a great year? What opportunities will God place before you? Feeling positive, excited and eager are good things! It is January and we have the whole year before us. What will happen in 2012, to make our lives better, happier and more fulfilling?

Only God knows and that is OK! But take a little time to reflect on your life and have a private discussion with God about what you would like to happen. It is good to have a dialogue with God and let things off your chest. Tell HIM your past disappointments and what you would like to change in this coming year. If you are ready for new doors to open, ask HIM! If you don't know exactly what you want, that is OK too. Just ask God to take control of your life and make it better. HIS decisions are always best for us!

God wants us to get excited about our lives. HE wants us to believe in HIS LOVE AND POWER and how HE CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER!
New experiences and growth are before you...tell God you are ready! Ask God to inspire you and place in your heart and mind HIS GREAT PLAN FOR YOU!

Start the year off expecting great things to unfold! I am! All I need now is a little patience...but all good things happen in God's time...and I know this! Go after all your have God on your side! Anything is possible with God! Happy New Year friends!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


"My Children,
How often do you turn to me? Do you know that I love you? I see all of you in your daily lives and wish to Bless you. A Mother is different from any other. She is caring and nurturing. Mothers understand exactly what her children need. I understand you and all that you need. Please let me be your Mother too. I am not here to replace your Mother, but rather Bless you from Heaven with my Motherly Blessings.

I wish for all my children on earth to feel loved and comforted. So many of you need a Mother's love and hence, I am here for you. When I was on earth, I was given an enormous task to give birth to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Father in Heaven Blessed me with this honor and distinction. Because of this, I too, am now your Beloved Mother in Heaven and can love you from afar.

My son Jesus, would do anything for you and so would I. We both love, all the children in the world. You are our children, regardless of your age. If you need a Mother's loving touch, please turn to me. All you say to me and discuss will be between us. I can protect you throughout your lifetime on earth and guide you toward righteousness. A Mother's love is sacred! Please include me in your heart and life. I too, wish to be apart of your life. When you are feeling down, please turn to me. For guidance, turn to me. For comfort and love, turn to me. For help in any matter, turn to me. My power is great in Heaven and Earth and I will use it for my Beloved Children.

Make me happy this year by turning to me. Watch how I can help you in any situation. I am always listening. You are all my children and I love you. Thank you for listening.
Your Mother in Heaven"