Thursday, December 8, 2011


Praying or talking to God is very powerful. It is essential in keeping yourself grounded and rooted in today's world. Without a deep connection to God, you have no security, no comfort zone. When bad things happen, who would you turn to for help? Who would you reach out to, in an emergency room at a hospital, when your child is injured? GOD IS THE ONLY ANSWER FOR ME. I know that God protects the ones we love and when we turn to HIM...he answers our prayers.

Our friends sometimes need prayers and we can ask God to intervene on their behalf. Having a close relationship with God molds you and gives you faith, that your prayers are heard and somehow, GOD IS ANSWERING THEM, IN HIS OWN WAY.

Does God do you favors? Yes, I believe HE DOES. God will move Heaven and Earth to help you. Asking God for help for ourselves, family and friends is powerful! When you are really, really close to God, you know in your heart, that God will help you! GOD is real! HE is present during all the times of your life.

God knows those that TRUST IN HIM and HE values your love and friendship greatly! HE will always be there for you. HE IS A REAL PERSON, JUST LIKE YOUR BROTHER, SISTER OR BEST FRIEND. When you are distressed in anyway, ask God to calm you. Ask HIM to help your family and friends...HE sometimes is the only one, powerful enough to move mountains on earth.

I like to help everyone. I am a loving person and many people describe me as nice. In my own way, I help those that need it. But the best way, for me to help for me to ask Jesus to help them. I turn to HIM and ask for HIS HELP. Jesus can do anything. When you hear of a friend or family members hardship, please ask Jesus for help. That is the best gift and help you can offer! Your prayers are very powerful...


Shreya said...

Inspiring and spiritual post. :) Nicely written. :)

Kathleen Frangeskos said...

Dear Shreya,
Thank you for your kind words. I know how much Jesus loves us and I wish many others to know this too! Jesus is always with us and will help us throughout our lifetime. May Jesus Bless you each day of your life....
I hope you stop by again anytime and share your thoughts.
All the best, Kathleen

Judith said...

We christians know that Jesus will help us if we are pure in our thoughts - we are blessed and stand in his light when we let him in our lives.