Thursday, December 15, 2011


A Loving Message from Jesus to you...
"Please do not be stressed my loving children. I am here each day of your life. With Christmas approaching, it should be a time of joy and giving. Joy in your heart, that I am with you, for all eternity and giving of yourself to others.

Christmas is a Holy Season of new beginnings...of my birth. Each year we remember, how my Heavenly Father sent me, as a Gift for all of you. Be happy and joyous! Christmas is a time to, family and friends! It is not a time to worry about shopping at stores and how much money it will cost you. Buy gifts from your heart that you can afford. Christmas is about giving, but not necessarily material gifts. If you wish to give a material present, buy one that represents who you are, not how much money you have. Simple gifts filled with love are the best ones.

Share with your family and friends your love. Tell them what they mean to you. Write a card filled with loving words that are priceless. Christmas is about sharing. Share your love. Be happy and create loving memories. Spend quality time together.

I will Bless each of you, so please do not worry about what you have or may not have. Material things I can easily replace. What I can't replace is your love for me. Each of you are special. Remember, I love you always. If you wish to give me a present, please give my your love.

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Anonymous said...

This is so powerful.