Friday, December 30, 2011


These loving words are from Our Lord for you...
"What is it you seek my child? It is love, happiness, peace and success? Let me help you acquire these in 2012. What you seek is already within you, all we have to do is release it. All that you need, is self contained within your soul. Your soul holds the answers to your prayers. All things are already received, it is up to you, to free them within your soul.

Do not hesitate to call upon me, for I can help you grow and develop throughout your lifetime.
When you were born, your received great gifts from my Heavenly Father and thus, you have everything you need. The only mystery is for you to uncover your great gifts a little at a time. You are all Blessed!

The secret is to open your mind and heart to me. I can guide and teach you everything about yourself and life. You will learn many things if you allow me to teach you. I can comfort you in all things you encounter during your lifetime on earth. Wisdom is one of my favorite Gifts. Wisdom allows you to be wise beyond your years on earth. It brings to you an awareness of things of this earth and beyond. Wisdom allows you to have an understanding of all things. Wisdom is different from being wise. Wisdom is a spiritual gift whereas being wise, is learned through earthly experiences.

I wish all of you to reach your full potential on earth. I wish you to be happy and feel fulfilled in your life. Each year opens new doors for you at the precise time it was meant to. God's time is always perfect. Why? Because we see and know all. Our intention is to love our children and have them experience love, growth and fulfillment.

Do not regret the past. It is the past. Instead look toward the future with a bright and happy mind. New and unimaginable things can and will occur for you. Your life will continue to change. Let me help you grow from within. Let me teach you what you need to learn, so that your life will be less burdensome. Allow me to mold you, into who you really are. Trust me.

Please keep an open mind as you journey ahead in 2012. Good things I will place before you. Please allow our love and relationship to flourish. When you Trust in me, you trust in my power over which you cannot control. Only I can control certain things, all for your good.
I love you more than you know. I wish for you to discover things about yourself, with me by your side. I wish for you to become a better you! You will be happy and I will be pleased that you Trust in me.

In 2012, keep me close to you, by your side. Love each other and allow me to Bless each of you. Open your heart to me. When you allow that, I can do miraculous things for you. Love me each day of your life as I love you.
Blessings my Children,

Monday, December 19, 2011


If you are reading this now, I am praying for you. You are very special. I pray that all who visit this blog, feel Jesus' love. Jesus' greatest wish, is for you to be close to HIM. Jesus cares about you. Life can be difficult sometimes and Jesus wants you to lean on HIM. HE is happy when you turn to HIM.

If you need guidance, I pray that Jesus leads you.
If you need love, I pray that you feel Jesus' love.
If you need healing, I pray that Jesus touches your body and removes illness.
If you need friends, I pray that Jesus places beautiful people in your life.
If you need money, I pray that Jesus provides for you.
If you are depressed, I pray that Jesus touches your heart and you are happy.
If you are worried, I pray that Jesus gives you HIS peace.
If you need a job, I pray that you get one soon.
If you are trying for a baby, I pray that Jesus blesses you with an angel from heaven.
If you are scared, I pray that Jesus reassures you.

Whatever you need, I pray for you. Jesus knows all that you need and HE will change your life. Please never feel alone and forgotten about. Jesus could never forget about you. Give Jesus a chance to show HIS love and devotion to you. HE is very powerful and can move mountains.
In time, everything will work out for you. I know this...
Thank you for visiting and remember...I am praying for you.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


A Loving Message from Jesus to you...
"Please do not be stressed my loving children. I am here each day of your life. With Christmas approaching, it should be a time of joy and giving. Joy in your heart, that I am with you, for all eternity and giving of yourself to others.

Christmas is a Holy Season of new beginnings...of my birth. Each year we remember, how my Heavenly Father sent me, as a Gift for all of you. Be happy and joyous! Christmas is a time to, family and friends! It is not a time to worry about shopping at stores and how much money it will cost you. Buy gifts from your heart that you can afford. Christmas is about giving, but not necessarily material gifts. If you wish to give a material present, buy one that represents who you are, not how much money you have. Simple gifts filled with love are the best ones.

Share with your family and friends your love. Tell them what they mean to you. Write a card filled with loving words that are priceless. Christmas is about sharing. Share your love. Be happy and create loving memories. Spend quality time together.

I will Bless each of you, so please do not worry about what you have or may not have. Material things I can easily replace. What I can't replace is your love for me. Each of you are special. Remember, I love you always. If you wish to give me a present, please give my your love.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Praying or talking to God is very powerful. It is essential in keeping yourself grounded and rooted in today's world. Without a deep connection to God, you have no security, no comfort zone. When bad things happen, who would you turn to for help? Who would you reach out to, in an emergency room at a hospital, when your child is injured? GOD IS THE ONLY ANSWER FOR ME. I know that God protects the ones we love and when we turn to HIM...he answers our prayers.

Our friends sometimes need prayers and we can ask God to intervene on their behalf. Having a close relationship with God molds you and gives you faith, that your prayers are heard and somehow, GOD IS ANSWERING THEM, IN HIS OWN WAY.

Does God do you favors? Yes, I believe HE DOES. God will move Heaven and Earth to help you. Asking God for help for ourselves, family and friends is powerful! When you are really, really close to God, you know in your heart, that God will help you! GOD is real! HE is present during all the times of your life.

God knows those that TRUST IN HIM and HE values your love and friendship greatly! HE will always be there for you. HE IS A REAL PERSON, JUST LIKE YOUR BROTHER, SISTER OR BEST FRIEND. When you are distressed in anyway, ask God to calm you. Ask HIM to help your family and friends...HE sometimes is the only one, powerful enough to move mountains on earth.

I like to help everyone. I am a loving person and many people describe me as nice. In my own way, I help those that need it. But the best way, for me to help for me to ask Jesus to help them. I turn to HIM and ask for HIS HELP. Jesus can do anything. When you hear of a friend or family members hardship, please ask Jesus for help. That is the best gift and help you can offer! Your prayers are very powerful...