Tuesday, November 29, 2011


To The One Who Holds My Heart,

I miss you as we are apart. I do remember all the days we spent together and have not forgotten one moment. I cherish you near and from afar.

My love for you is greater than the earth and wider than the sky...Our emotions are perfect together, as they should be. I understand you completely.

As I glance into your eyes, my heart races and I can feel your love for me. Your eyes are the doorway to your soul...and in it, I can see your heart. It is sweet and pure.

There is nothing you would not do for me and it is the same for I. I cherish your spirit, your laugh and your smile. Your love for me continues to grow, even though we are apart, as we once were. The walks we shared together as I caressed your hand, were some of the greatest moments that I have spent.

To love one as deeply as I love you is a gift. A rare gift between two people who were meant for one another. Even though I had to leave you, please know I am never far from your heart. I know each ounce of you and have it embedded in my soul. Love transcends time and place. It can never be broken or destroyed.

When you miss me, turn to me. I will be there waiting for you. Everything has a purpose and so does our love. I love you for each thing that you do. Kind, thoughtful and considerate is what you are. Love is a beautiful thing, the greatest thing on earth.

Never leave me, promise me that you will always be true. You are the one created especially for me...this I know. We will be together again one day, this is my promise to you. I will never leave you today or any day. Wait for me and continue to hold me in your heart. I love that about you. When I see you again, we will walk as we used to, hand in hand, through the parks of our dreams. I love you sweet Kathleen!


Anonymous said...

Hi. This is a touching love letter. May I ask who was it from? Is it from your husband or one of your close friends? I am just curious.

Kathleen Frangeskos said...

Hi, thanks for visiting and reading my blog.
Yes, this was a beautiful letter from my husband.
God placed him in my life...
I hope you share your thoughts again.
All the best to you,