Wednesday, September 21, 2011


"Do not let the world wear you down. Think Positive for I am here. Each road has a new beginning and challenges but alas, I walk beside you.

Think positive about your life. It is a gift full of bountiful experiences. Look within your heart and mind for me. I can assist and inspire you towards greatness. Do not look at what you do not have, but rather what you have. Be grateful for all you have been given.

The world does not speak much about me today. It relies on fear. Fear can motivate you, but it can dampen your spirit and cause you to worry unnessecarily. With God, you do not have to worry. Worry is for weak of heart. Stay strong in your faith and trust that I will provide for you. Your life does have meaning and a great purpose.

Do not put yourself down. Your trials and tribulations are just that. Your soul, mind and heart continues to grow toward greatness. If you have a bad day, let it go. Tomorrow will be bright and the sun will shine upon you.

Think positive! Keep trying to be the best you can be! Never give up hope in yourself or me. Remember, God The Father loves you, as does your Blessed Mother. We will love and guide you all the days of your life!
Amen My Children.
Jesus Christ"

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