Friday, September 16, 2011


Are you ready for something new in your life? Just as the seasons are changing, so too, can you. God has waited for you to be ready. If you are, please ask HIM to present new opportunities now in your life. Ask HIM to place before you, news goals, ideas and challenges. God will use all of your skills and gifts that HE has bestowed upon you.

God knows all that you are capable of and wants you to feel pleased and Blessed by HIM. Maybe you do not have the inspiration and direction yet, but ask God for HIS help. Our lives are full of new and everchanging things. What does God have in store for you? Think positive and show love for others while you search. God has a good plan. Regardless of how old you are or what situation you are in, God is ready to make new things happen for you.

As I sit and pray to Our Beloved Lord for us, here are HIS LOVING WORDS TO YOU...

"To My Loved Ones,
I am here with you as you read this. My loving words are one way to comfort and give you hope. Each day is new and your life is unfolding. Nothing is ever impossible with me and hence, you should never lose hope that great things can happen in your lifetime.

Age is just a number. Your minds and bodies grow each day on earth and so does your yearning for a better life. Let me reassure you, that I am beside you each day. The world can be a busy place and my presence and help can be overlooked. But I am here to assure you, that you are not forgotten and your hidden dreams of success, are my dreams too. You each have a role on earth, many jobs to fulfill. These roles and jobs have an order. Each one unfolds in your lifetime as it should. A baby cannot learn to talk, before he can walk. You cannot ride a bicycle until you sit on a bike. As such, life has an order of beautiful events to unfold. Please be patient and do not allow yourself to feel less than.

If you look around at your life, you will see that everything has a place and time. In today's world, there are many things out of order. I am working to ensure that your life is filled with love, peace and joy. Take a few moments for me when you can. Remember my great presence in your life. Come to me and turn to me. I have the answers and will lovingly guide you. Ask me to point you in the best direction and I will. Never feel hopeless. Things can and do change all the time. Are you hungry for something new in your life? If your answer is yes, then something wonderful is about to unfold in your life. Remember, all things are possible with God. I am your ROCK. Use me for strength and guidance all the time. I will never let you down.
I love you. God Bless you.

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