Friday, July 15, 2011


The closer you get to me
the more you will smile

The closer you get to me
the more you will know me

The closer I am to you
you will feel the difference

The more you open up
the universe will be yours

Talk to me, cry to me
it is all the same

Lessons I can teach you
are all abound

The world is busy and screaming at you
but hold on to your faith
and save a piece for me

Life is like a flower
beautifully unfolding
you have to know how to hold it, view it and feel it

Wise men think before they act and speak
They try not to hurt others
They cherish life and all the gifts abound

They turn to me for guidance, security and love
They rest their heads on my shoulder
without the view of the whole world
A wise man is a strong one, however
his worship may be private

Treat others as you wish me to treat you
for I shall

Are you a Wise Man?

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