Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Don't Worry! It sounds simple, yet how much time do we actually spend worrying in our lives? Probably too much. If we asked God, HE would say, that we shouldn't worry at all. We should only be concerned with things.

Instead of worrying, turn to God and ask for help and guidance in your life. God can arrange all good things for us in HIS time. HE can orchestrate anything. HIS plans are perfect for you.

We can control very little on earth. People and situations are sometimes out of our control. All we can do and should do is ask God to intervene.

God can arrange all the big things, down to the littlest details. All the events HE plans will work out perfectly as they should. When you ask God for help, watch and notice how everything will fall into place...perfectly!

If we try and plan things alone, it can be stressful and anxiety sets in. Take a step back, stop and exhale. Remember there is this GREAT, LOVING PRESENCE IN YOUR LIFE who will help you. God wants you to be happy and succeed in all your wonderful plans. Just don't do it alone. The world and circumstances are too big for us to handle. But not for God.

Our life is full of coordinating and making plans. Please allow God to help you. HE WILL.
If God is in your heart, you have nothing to worry about. Allow HIM to arrange everything, as it should be. Getting rid of worrying allows you to feel freer and happier. Talk with God, pray and have confidence that everything will work out! Because it will for the best...

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Duke Taber said...

Jesus said not to worry, if God takes care of the birds and the lilies then He will take care of us.

Great Post

Keep up the good work!