Sunday, May 22, 2011


To My Friends, Here are the words from Our Beloved Lord to you...
"My Children,
It is so easy to believe that I have forgotten you. Many feel alone, isolated, afraid and hopeless. Nothing could be further than the truth. I AM HERE BESIDE YOU. I walk with you down each path that you take, each road and turn. I intervene when necessary.
I wish you happiness in a world filled with challenges. Obstacles are just that, obstacles. They are sometimes a means to an end. Walk through your obstacles. Do not let them intimidate you, for they may look mighty, however they are not, when I hold your hand.

I see all my children and know your needs. Please trust that I am doing everything possible to help you. Most people think money is the answer, however, that is not always so. Money is a necessity, however the real question becomes, how much? Do not allow yourself to be fooled that if you had more money, you would be happy. Money is a currency to purchase things, that is all. I will provide all the money you need in your lifetime, especially at the times most important. Have faith in me please.

What is MOST IMPORTANT IS YOUR HAPPINESS AND PEACE OF MIND. If you allow yourself to TRUST ME, you will have PEACE OF MIND. If you have peace of mind, you will be happy.

I see your situations and can alter them for you. If you are tired, I will give you rest. If you are hungry, I will give you food. If you feel unloved, I will send others to love you. Remember, I am your friend. I can do all beautiful things for you. If you turn towards me, I can easily give you strength, peace, love and joy. These are my BLESSINGS FOR YOU.

Jesus Christ"

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Don't Worry! It sounds simple, yet how much time do we actually spend worrying in our lives? Probably too much. If we asked God, HE would say, that we shouldn't worry at all. We should only be concerned with things.

Instead of worrying, turn to God and ask for help and guidance in your life. God can arrange all good things for us in HIS time. HE can orchestrate anything. HIS plans are perfect for you.

We can control very little on earth. People and situations are sometimes out of our control. All we can do and should do is ask God to intervene.

God can arrange all the big things, down to the littlest details. All the events HE plans will work out perfectly as they should. When you ask God for help, watch and notice how everything will fall into place...perfectly!

If we try and plan things alone, it can be stressful and anxiety sets in. Take a step back, stop and exhale. Remember there is this GREAT, LOVING PRESENCE IN YOUR LIFE who will help you. God wants you to be happy and succeed in all your wonderful plans. Just don't do it alone. The world and circumstances are too big for us to handle. But not for God.

Our life is full of coordinating and making plans. Please allow God to help you. HE WILL.
If God is in your heart, you have nothing to worry about. Allow HIM to arrange everything, as it should be. Getting rid of worrying allows you to feel freer and happier. Talk with God, pray and have confidence that everything will work out! Because it will for the best...

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Mothers are what makes the world go round
Without them, we would cease to exist

There unselfish acts of devotion and care
love, kindness and extreme patience
makes the world a loving place

A good Mother not only "Mothers Her Own",
but gives love to all children in need
when they walk in her home

A Mothers love and smile can make
all feel safe and better again

God knows the sacrifice Mother's endure
and HE lovingly guides us
along the way

HE is often silent
but never takes HIS EYES off of us

Mothers are unique
We are a special breed
Giving, giving
always giving
But what we give
is important, vital and necessary

Mothers are remarkable women...

Dedicated to Jean Helen Hazelton
My Blessed Mother