Sunday, January 16, 2011


These words are for you tonight from Our Beloved Lord.

"To My Beloved Family,
Your life is precious. All life is precious. It is a great gift from my Father to you. Your life is a chance for you to experience marvelous things on earth. It is a chance for you to form life long relationships and benefit the planet.

Your life is unique to you. No one has walked the exact same route as you. You are special. Acknowledge your specialness to yourself. You are beautiful to me and mankind. Your attributes are wide and deep. Your abilities stem much further than you can imagine. You are as strong as steel.

Your heart is the backbone of your life. What you feel and experience in your heart is what defines you and makes you act. That is good. Listen to your heart and always follow it. However, please wait for my acknowledgment. I will guide you always towards goodness.

Your soul has a mission. It knows it's purpose. Your soul is vital to your existence on earth and will return to Heaven. It holds all the memories and experiences of your life. It holds the great love and compassion for me and your family. By family, I mean, your first family, your Father in Heaven and Heavenly Mother.

Please do not get too frustrated on earth. It is sometimes hard to navigate through all. Please let me guide you towards your destiny so that you may achieve joy and love. If I close a door, look for another one to open or perhaps a window, I will never leave you without options. I will place them at your feet. When times get really difficult, realize that change is upon you now and good will arrive. Living on earth has great challenges, but there is nothing too great to overcome. Come to me and talk. If you are mad or angry, I still wish to hear you. It is good to discuss things and you will feel better. I am here always.

Live your life to the fullest. Please do not hold back on your dreams and aspirations. Some are inspired by me and others are what your heart truly desires. Your life is a Blessing.


Jan Samuel said...

A blessing to read your blog.
Romans 8 verse 32 to you.
Greetings from Jan Samuel
from Norway.

Matt. said...

Dear Kathleen,

Part reflection, part encouragement, and part prayer...

And 100% "ALL GOOD."

Keep it up.