Sunday, January 2, 2011


A New Year can be very exciting! Each year is new! And with each new year, we grow and develop...becoming wiser, stronger, fearless and hopefully closer to God.

January can be a time to reflect on our dreams, wishes and goals for the new year. It is a time to move forward, in the same direction or a new one! If things are working, continue onward. If you need a new direction or goal, spend some time alone thinking about what you would like. My suggestion...invite God to sit and be present, as you ponder your thoughts. Ask HIM to guide you with HIS HOLY SPIRIT, to lead you to new places and great accomplishments that will please HIM and yourself.

All our past experiences, whether they were good or bad, we can look upon with WISDOM. Don't blame anyone or yourself, let go of anger. Just look at the past with your eyes wide open and learn. Sometimes our hardest lessons are learning about other people. People can say things and we believe them. We are trusting individuals. However, sometimes people say and do things to suit their needs. It is not a mutual benefit for us. But we do not always know this. At some point, we learn and see, that some people have hidden agenda's. They act a certain way because it suits their goals. We get taken advantage of and hurt. However, WE LEARN FROM EXPERIENCES AND OTHER PEOPLE. From these dealings, we change, but in a positive way. We become wiser and stronger!

GOD WISHES FOR YOU TO MOVE FORWARD TOWARD YOUR DESTINY AND SUCCESSES! There is a reason we call it "A New Year", instead of just "Another Year". A new year is rich in hope, opportunities and possibilities! We need this. Change is ongoing and a new year helps us mark our journey.

If you have not achieved your hearts desires yet, please do not give up hope, faith or trust in God. HE has not forgotten you, nor will he ever forsake you. It just wasn't the perfect time yet! But you are moving toward it now! I can't promise you each day of your life will be easy and perfect, but I can promise you...that if you stay close to God, there is nothing that can harm you or stand in your way.

God can give you love, strength, wisdom and courage. HE can do anything for you and HE will, if it is good for you. Be happy, think is going to be a great year! Happy New Year!

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