Friday, December 10, 2010


God is the most amazing presence in the universe. HIS love and power surpasses all. Our minds cannot fully comprehend this great love and spirit of the universe. Only our souls are privy to a deep and permanent bond with Our Beloved Lord, Almighty Father and Holy Spirit. Our soul understands this Blessed connection.

Wherever we go, so too, does God. God is always present. HE or THEY are everywhere. Our Blessed Mother also has her loving glance upon you.

Why is this important to understand that God is everywhere? Because people are enduring hardships and may feel alone, depressed and think they are unable to overcome their problems. However, if they remembered that GOD IS PRESENT IN THEIR LIFE...they would know that HE will intercede when necessary and they will come out of their situation the stronger person!

GOD CAN DO ANYTHING FOR YOU...AND HE WILL...IF IT IS GOOD FOR YOUR LIFE. Love God, love others and love yourself.

One day may be horrible, but the next may be great! GOD knows exactly what you need and when you need it! Never, ever forget that Jesus' loving face is shining upon you...HIS GRACES AND GIFTS ARE POURING FROM HIS HEART DIRECTLY TO YOU. Talk to HIM wherever you are...listen to HIM in all ways. HE will guide you. Always, always trust that God loves you and has your best interest at heart. YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!

God goes everywhere...with you! Be at peace, knowing that everything will be alright in your life!

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