Friday, December 24, 2010


These beautiful words are from Our Lord Jesus to you...
"To My Loving Family and Friends,
Merry Christmas and A Blessed New Year! I wish each of you a beautiful Christmas Holiday, filled with LOVE.

Christmas is about GIVING. The GIVING OF YOUR HEART TO OTHERS. Please share your love with each other on this Holy Day and on each day of the year. LOVE LASTS FOREVER. It will never fade or grow old. Treasure the love you receive and pass it along to others that you meet.


Enjoy your families and friends and celebrate with joy in your hearts all your gifts. Some gifts can be found under the tree and others inside your heart. Christmas is not the only day for giving. We can give each day of the year! I am with you always.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I could sell anything in the world. I have that natural ability. When I believe in a product or thing, I research it well and present my case. I remove every obstacle in front of me and hence, I get the sale.

In my previous positions, as a sales and advertising executive, I did my best to represent the companies and secure the orders. As an educator, I "sold" the students on the importance of learning and obtaining knowledge...all things I value today.

However, today, I face my biggest challenge. SELLING JESUS. Perhaps my most difficult "Sale", but certainly the most important and valuable. I am one, who has been asked by Jesus himself I believe, "to inspire others to turn towards HIM". It is almost too surreal to believe...
This great, famous, historical figure of all time...who also happens to be the SON OF GOD, has me assisting in SELLING HIM TO THE WORLD!

It is not always easy. There is a fine balance that I strive to keep within myself on a personal and professional level. You see, I do not work for a regular corporation and work 40 hours a week. I do not represent a company. I do not represent a product with pros's and con's or something I do not believe in 1000%. My job is slow and steady and it is sometimes hard to measure my success.

The one huge gift that comes with my work is the intimate knowledge of Our Beloved Lord. HE is always available to me. HE always reveals what I need to know. I am so Blessed to know and feel HIS amazing love and presence, that it alone sustains me in my work.

If only the world knew Jesus like me, if only I could capture HIS SPIRIT, PERSONALITY, LOVE and SELL IT TO THE WORLD...then I would experience real success today in my life.
SELLING JESUS is not always easy, but it is the most important job of my career. I pray many people turn to HIM because of my SALES...I hope to get many orders for HIM.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Tonight Our Beloved Lord speaks to are HIS WORDS TO YOU.

"To My Beloved Children,

Believe in me and I can change your life. Simple. Believing is a powerful thing and change encompasses the vast majority of your life. If you believe in me and my love and goodness for you, I can ensure a positive outlook on your life. You will know, that all I allow and arrange, is for your best and thus, you will have peace and joy. You will not have great anxiety or fear.

As you grow closer to me, you will feel my unending love for you. This love is without limits and thus, you will feel freer to enjoy life and be more adventurous. Never doubt that I hold you in the palm of my loving hands and that I will remain with you forever. Believe in me and grow older and wiser. Great love and wisdom flows from me.

Believe in me, your Lord and Saviour, who gave HIS LIFE FOR YOU, so that we may be together forever in Heaven, with all our loved ones. Never stop believing in me and I can change your life!


Jesus Christ"

Friday, December 10, 2010


God is the most amazing presence in the universe. HIS love and power surpasses all. Our minds cannot fully comprehend this great love and spirit of the universe. Only our souls are privy to a deep and permanent bond with Our Beloved Lord, Almighty Father and Holy Spirit. Our soul understands this Blessed connection.

Wherever we go, so too, does God. God is always present. HE or THEY are everywhere. Our Blessed Mother also has her loving glance upon you.

Why is this important to understand that God is everywhere? Because people are enduring hardships and may feel alone, depressed and think they are unable to overcome their problems. However, if they remembered that GOD IS PRESENT IN THEIR LIFE...they would know that HE will intercede when necessary and they will come out of their situation the stronger person!

GOD CAN DO ANYTHING FOR YOU...AND HE WILL...IF IT IS GOOD FOR YOUR LIFE. Love God, love others and love yourself.

One day may be horrible, but the next may be great! GOD knows exactly what you need and when you need it! Never, ever forget that Jesus' loving face is shining upon you...HIS GRACES AND GIFTS ARE POURING FROM HIS HEART DIRECTLY TO YOU. Talk to HIM wherever you are...listen to HIM in all ways. HE will guide you. Always, always trust that God loves you and has your best interest at heart. YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!

God goes everywhere...with you! Be at peace, knowing that everything will be alright in your life!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


These words are being spoken to you, from Our Lord Jesus Christ tonight...
"Dear Friends and Devoted Ones,
I have not forgotten you. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Please know that I am guiding all of you that ask. And those that do not, I am quietly leading along the path to their destiny.

Why have I not achieved what I wished for yet Jesus? So many of you are always asking. The answer is simple. The time has not yet arrived. But do not despair, for good things come to all those that wait. I do and My Great Father has a plan for each of you in your lifetime. Please never doubt this. Our goal is that you first are happy within yourself, experience love and achieve greatness on earth.

Greatness is a big word with many meanings. It encompasses many things. Your loving character and acts of kindness. Once you develop these, the world will open all opportunities for you. I will not hold any of you back toward greatness. This is my goal for you. Do you want to achieve great things, as I believe many of you do? Then you will. You must keep trying with your goals and tribulations and know that I am here for you. Timing is of the utmost importance my loving children. The timing I refer to is in your lifetime, not mine.

You were not born to achieve and accomplish nothing. That would serve no purpose. You each have a set of goals and dreams of which you will achieve. Today especially, I feel your despair within your hearts of disappointment. Turn to me and I will give you encouragement. I will open up all the doors for your happiness and success. Some of you have reached success and fulfillment early in your lifetime and that is a gift. Others are still struggling to find their way, but I am here and have not forgotten you. Please be patient. You day will come and you will be pleased with your successes.

Trust in my never ending love for you and your families. I will arrange and provide for all of you. My work is not difficult, however to you, it may seem like climbing a mountain each day. Take one step at a time, for I am beside you each day. I know your next step before you move, for I am already there.

Please do not give up hope in yourself or the power of God. I do have plans for each of you and one day you will see, all I say is true. Amen.

Your loving Saviour Jesus Christ"