Saturday, October 16, 2010


As I sit with Our Lord, HE wishes to comfort all those hearts who have been hurt. Here are HIS Blessed words to you...
"My Children,
Come to me so that I may help ease your pain. If you are suffering, please allow me to love and heal you.

Life can be filled with great accomplishments and loving relationships. But sometimes, others hurt us and we fall into despair. Our hearts become hardened and weep. Our spirit becomes crushed by the pain and we feel helpless and hopeless.

I can not always control one's actions and thus, sometimes you may become a victim to one another. This is not a good thing, however, please know that whatever hardship has come to you, I am here and watching and I will help you recover from any loss or betrayal.

If you allow me into your heart, I can comfort you and take away your pain. I will use all of the universe to help and heal you, so that you may move forward in your life.

Nobody is perfect and sometimes innocent people get hurt and sometimes innocent people do the hurting. All can be forgiven in time. For if you hold onto bitterness and anger, it will eat away at your soul. Your soul should be a place for love and that is all that should reside there. Those that hurt us need prayer and forgiveness. That does not mean that you need to sacrifice yourself by allowing others to continually hurt you. You must have limits.

If a relationship or situation causes you pain, then it probably is not good for you. If after trying to love and you still are hurting, then walk away. Walking away from a bad situation will free you up for an opportunity to receive love and respect. Love and respect go hand in hand. You cannot love without respect. If a friendship is causing you pain, look at the situation and honestly exam both your roles. If you feel taken advantage of, you can decide to discuss it with that person or quietly learn from it and move on.

Friendships and relationships should be giving and filled with love. If you are a "giver", please do not change. Continue to love and give. All that you give, will be returned to you.

If you are heartbroken from a loss, please know your loved one has moved on in my arms to a loving place that I have prepared. No soul that is devoted to me or my Father will ever be left unaided or loved. Life on earth may go quickly, but please know that eternity awaits you.
Please allow me to comfort and love you all the days of your life.

With Love,
Jesus Christ"

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Jim Fargiano said...

Simple, but eloquent words. They are beautiful and truthful. Thank you for sharing them with us Kathleen.

Jim Fargiano
The Spoken Words of Spirit