Friday, October 22, 2010


Life is not perfect, far from it. Somethings we can manage and figure out on our own and other things need DIVINE INTERVENTION. Simply put, God needs to get involved!

God is always here for you, willing to help you in any situation. Good, bad, difficult...but we must at some point turn our attention to HIM. Why? It is not some much because God needs you to assist HIM, but rather, it is really important for you, to unload your heavy heart and mind to HIM.

Everyone has some sort of pressure and stress and that is "normal". However, there is a fine line between feeling down, overwhelmed and a sense of helplessness. YOU NEED GOD AND DON'T BE AFRAID TO GO TO HIM AND UNLOAD ALL YOUR PROBLEMS. God does not want, nor expect, you to figure out your whole life yourself. HE IS YOUR FAMILY AND TEACHER. The last thing that God wants, is for you to be upset and not turn to HIM.

Problems we face are sometimes "hidden lessons" to help us mature and grow. However, God never said, that you must go it alone! Quite the opposite!

When you discuss and hand over your problems to God, you are placing your TRUST IN HIM. You are showing HIM love, respect and demonstrating FAITH. This is a great part of your relationship with HIM. You are HIS CHILDREN and HE wants nothing but the best for you. It breaks HIS heart when HE SEES YOU SUFFER and you do not turn to HIM.

GOD has many answers and solutions to our problems. With God's love and help, our problems disappear and we move forward with peace. Please do not carry around undue stress, but rather turn to God, anyway you feel comfortable. HE knows what's in your heart and wishes to Bless you... God can handle anything!


Janie said...

wonderful blog. such a good reminder of how much He does love us and wants us to turn to him always, esp. during times of difficulty. janie

Maths private tutor said...


Great information in this post and i think the last thing that God wants, is for you to be upset and not turn to HIM.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has storms in their lives, and these storms is God trying to get our attention. HE is chasing us. We need to realize that HE wants our attention, and a trusting relationship with us. HE created us and wants us to turn toward HIM.