Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I ask Our Beloved Jesus to send us all a message...here are HIS WORDS TO YOU.

"My Children and Friends,
Your life is a great gift. Please appreciate it. Throughout your life, there will be good times and some that are difficult. Please do not worry. The difficult ones are there to challenge you and make you better people. You can cross any bridge easily, if I am by your side. What may look challenging, is really quite simple, when you hold onto my hand.

Nothing in your life is impossible. I have seen and done many things on earth for each of you. You all belong to me and my Beloved Father. Whether you are devoted to me or not, does not make a big difference. What is important, is that you believe that you were created by my Loving Father and have a purpose on earth. There continues to be much controversy about whether I am truly a Saviour and God The Father's Beloved Son. I AM.

I wish you to be devoted to me because I love you. My loving role that I took on, is to guide all the children of the world. I do this each day. Whether you think of me as a friend or as God, I am well pleased. I want to reach all of you, deep in your hearts and soul. Your soul knows me very well and wishes to stay connected with me at all times. This is my permanent connection to you at this moment. No matter where you are, I am too.

Why am I telling you all this? Because today more than ever, you need me and the world needs help. I died so that we may be together in eternity forever. But that is not good enough for me, when I see you suffer so greatly now on earth. I know your problems and feel your pain. I hear your voices call out to me at all hours of the day. I hear you and I am responding.

I wish nothing but the best life for each of you on earth. Your life can be so much greater, if you allow me to be a part of it. You do not have to do anything special, just open your heart to me. Acknowledge me in your heart. By doing this, I can do so much more for you. If you are walking down the street and someone calls your name, but you do not turn around, how can you hear them speak? How will you know what they wished to say to you? You will not. It is the same with me. When I call you, please turn around. Please listen.

I will guide you and you will fore fill your destiny. You will be most pleased with yourself and I in return will hold you close to my heart. Does it not get any better than this?
One day, you will return home to all your loved ones, who have gone before you. But now is your time on earth, please let me live each day with you. I love you.

Jesus Christ"

Friday, October 22, 2010


Life is not perfect, far from it. Somethings we can manage and figure out on our own and other things need DIVINE INTERVENTION. Simply put, God needs to get involved!

God is always here for you, willing to help you in any situation. Good, bad, difficult...but we must at some point turn our attention to HIM. Why? It is not some much because God needs you to assist HIM, but rather, it is really important for you, to unload your heavy heart and mind to HIM.

Everyone has some sort of pressure and stress and that is "normal". However, there is a fine line between feeling down, overwhelmed and a sense of helplessness. YOU NEED GOD AND DON'T BE AFRAID TO GO TO HIM AND UNLOAD ALL YOUR PROBLEMS. God does not want, nor expect, you to figure out your whole life yourself. HE IS YOUR FAMILY AND TEACHER. The last thing that God wants, is for you to be upset and not turn to HIM.

Problems we face are sometimes "hidden lessons" to help us mature and grow. However, God never said, that you must go it alone! Quite the opposite!

When you discuss and hand over your problems to God, you are placing your TRUST IN HIM. You are showing HIM love, respect and demonstrating FAITH. This is a great part of your relationship with HIM. You are HIS CHILDREN and HE wants nothing but the best for you. It breaks HIS heart when HE SEES YOU SUFFER and you do not turn to HIM.

GOD has many answers and solutions to our problems. With God's love and help, our problems disappear and we move forward with peace. Please do not carry around undue stress, but rather turn to God, anyway you feel comfortable. HE knows what's in your heart and wishes to Bless you... God can handle anything!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Each day can be good and special. There is always something to think of to make you smile and feel loved. Your closest friends adore you and your family is there to support you in good times and bad. God has arranged incredible people to come into your life! You will meet them all throughout your lifetime.

But for today, live your life now! Live in the moment! Great experiences await you. Open your heart and mind to what's around you. Really look at all the good things that God has placed before you. It really is amazing if you notice how Blessed you are! The people you encounter each day, who make you smile...appreciate them. Smile back! Give warmth and love to everyone you meet!

TODAY IS PRECIOUS. All our today's become our yesterdays...and then they become our past. Our past we can't change, but if we think in a grateful and positive way each day, we will feel happy, smile more and enjoy life! EACH DAY BRINGS NEW OPPORTUNITIES! THEY WILL SURPRISE AND SHOCK YOU...IN A GOOD WAY!


There is absolutely nothing that Jesus can't do for you today! Love yourself, love Jesus and enjoy your life! Have a great day!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


As I sit with Our Lord, HE wishes to comfort all those hearts who have been hurt. Here are HIS Blessed words to you...
"My Children,
Come to me so that I may help ease your pain. If you are suffering, please allow me to love and heal you.

Life can be filled with great accomplishments and loving relationships. But sometimes, others hurt us and we fall into despair. Our hearts become hardened and weep. Our spirit becomes crushed by the pain and we feel helpless and hopeless.

I can not always control one's actions and thus, sometimes you may become a victim to one another. This is not a good thing, however, please know that whatever hardship has come to you, I am here and watching and I will help you recover from any loss or betrayal.

If you allow me into your heart, I can comfort you and take away your pain. I will use all of the universe to help and heal you, so that you may move forward in your life.

Nobody is perfect and sometimes innocent people get hurt and sometimes innocent people do the hurting. All can be forgiven in time. For if you hold onto bitterness and anger, it will eat away at your soul. Your soul should be a place for love and that is all that should reside there. Those that hurt us need prayer and forgiveness. That does not mean that you need to sacrifice yourself by allowing others to continually hurt you. You must have limits.

If a relationship or situation causes you pain, then it probably is not good for you. If after trying to love and you still are hurting, then walk away. Walking away from a bad situation will free you up for an opportunity to receive love and respect. Love and respect go hand in hand. You cannot love without respect. If a friendship is causing you pain, look at the situation and honestly exam both your roles. If you feel taken advantage of, you can decide to discuss it with that person or quietly learn from it and move on.

Friendships and relationships should be giving and filled with love. If you are a "giver", please do not change. Continue to love and give. All that you give, will be returned to you.

If you are heartbroken from a loss, please know your loved one has moved on in my arms to a loving place that I have prepared. No soul that is devoted to me or my Father will ever be left unaided or loved. Life on earth may go quickly, but please know that eternity awaits you.
Please allow me to comfort and love you all the days of your life.

With Love,
Jesus Christ"