Monday, August 2, 2010


These beautiful words are being dictated to me from Our Lord, Jesus Christ...they are for us to read and reflect upon.

"To All,
Love is the core of everything. It is what you desire and need to survive. Everything you long for stems from LOVE and that is exactly as it should be. Love encompasses so much. Words and feelings are really substitutes for love. Feelings of joy and happiness are love. Feelings of hurt and sorrow are from love.

But love is essential . It is what I AM. I love beyond everything. I see past all the wrongdoings, mistakes and still find love. People act based on love. Love is very powerful. Love is wonderful.

I wish to give you my LOVE. I wish to share my joy and happiness with you. Too many people struggle on earth, not with material things but rather from a broken heart and sadness. They are searching, yet do not know what they need. I know it is LOVE.

If you turn towards me, I will BLESS YOU WITH MY LOVE. Please face me in your heart and mind and I will send sweet BLESSINGS YOUR WAY. If everyone accepted my love, the world would be a far different place. There would be less suffering, pain and hatred. LOVE AND PEACE WOULD PREVAIL.

The closer you are to me, the greater love, security and joy you will feel. I promise you this.
Jesus Christ"


ginny said...

Wonderful words for us to contemplate. Thank you, Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Jesus has let us allone...

Toyin O. said...

I receive his love over and over again!

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P.S How do you get that nos of vistitors on your website. Please enlighten me.

Kevin Lewis said...

I think the first time i realized this is when I received salvation. I did not get saved till i was 30. God so awesome gave me a chance at 30 years old to be saved. The love of Jesus and God is so great! Thank you for delivering the Word of God!