Saturday, July 31, 2010


You are learning
You are growing
You are becoming wiser.

You are beginning to see things more clearly
You are reacting differently, than in the past
You are looking at people through eyes of love
instead of envy, jealousy or hatred
You are becoming more like Christ.

Your life is taken on a new path
one filled with love, security, hope and excitement
because of God.

When you slow down and notice
you will see all that is happening
around your beautiful life
inside and out.

Do not be afraid
Change can be good for all of us
We take with us all our experiences of the past
and move forward in a better way.

If we open our heart, mind and spirit to God
you will see the little and big things going on.
They will ultimately be good for your life
Be patient.

I see and feel myself growing
maturing with time
like a fine wine.
Things are different when you know Jesus.
There is love and trust
you hold deep in your soul, heart and mind
that everything that happens in your life
has a purpose and that purpose is good.

Notice God
and you will notice all the incredible changes
going on in your life
HE will guide and show you.

You are changing
becoming whom God wishes
and that is reason to celebrate!

God will never leave your side
throughout your lifetime
If you are having a hard time
feeling sad, hurt and down
turn to HIM and talk
HE will listen and make you feel better
HE will change your circumstances quickly.
You will see
all I say is true

I am Blessed to know Our Beloved Jesus very well
HE has nothing but love and good intentions for your life
Never give up hope in yourself or God

With God as your teacher
you will develop a keen awareness for things and people
It will help you
Ask God to teach you everything you wish.

As we grow older
look forward to a better life
because you will have it with God.
Enjoy each day
to the best of your ability
Smile, be happy and grateful
that is what God wishes for you.

1 comment:

Janie said...

what wonderful words of hope for me personally. thank you,thank God. janie