Sunday, May 16, 2010


God does not expect you to have your whole life figured out! Our life is a beautiful journey on earth...filled with many new experiences! What makes all the difference in the world, is that you walk through life with God by your side.

If we try and figure out our whole life, from our present day perspective, we may get stressed out. This is not what God wants from you, nor does HE expect. You cannot see the future, only HE can. All God asks of you, is to keep HIM close in your heart and mind each day. This will allow you to receive HIS loving guidance in an easy, open way. You will feel HIS love, peace and confidence as you encounter each day.

When you are close to God, fear does not play a factor in your life. Why? Because you will have a deeper understanding of your relationship with HIM and know that with God, you are safe in HIS loving care. God does not want to hurt you or see you hurt. HE only wants the best for you because HE loves you dearly. You are HIS children and family. When bad things sometimes happen to us, God is there. HE will allow us to grow and learn from difficult experiences. With God at your side, there is nothing that you can not overcome.

It is good to have goals, dreams and desires for a happy life. Sometimes God instills those yearnings in our hearts, so follow your dreams. Have a plan...but I recommend always to discuss and pray about your goals and dreams with God. It may be a conversation you have with HIM. HE is listening all the time. HE will respond to your questions and give you HIS best suggestions and answers in many ways. Listen to that little voice inside of you, it will always guide you to what is good and best.

Life can sometimes be hard, difficult and confusing, but you do not have to have it all figured out! Take one step at a time! When you are united with God in your heart, life is not scary. GOD has all the answers! Those that TRUST IN GOD have a far better and happier life! So enjoy today...the rough times may come and go, but remember GOD IS ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU! And the closer you are to God, the fewer rough days you will have!

So get rid of fear and feel God's love for you. It is all around you! Take one step and day at a time...and watch how many beautiful ones you will have! Those that smile the most and offer love...are usually the ones closest to God! And there the happiest too!


Abundant Life Now said...

As has been often quoted: You can eat an elephant one bite at a time. Also: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It is quite a blessing that God does not show us the entire path of our lives ahead of time but He gives us strength for each bite, or each step, as we need it. Thanks for this important reminder.

ginny said...

This entry was a blessing!
Kath, would you please remember my husband, Clarence in your prayer time? He fell on Monday and broke his hip snd had to have surgery. He will be going to a rehab facility on Friday, but his spirits are really low. He had a knee replacement last Oct. and did fabulously in recovering. This one was really bad. I questioned God as to how much more He wants from us. We both and our son lost our jobs, are in debt because we lived for 9 mos with no income. He finally retired, then he had the knee replacement, and now this. I am sorry that I got angry with God, but it seems like we can never get ahead and enjoy our life like real retired people do. I am frustrated, discouraged and afraid. If you get a word from your prayer time with Jesus please let me know. I need some kind of something to encourage us. I have cried every day since this happened. I am so overwhelmed with all that has happened that it is taking its toll on me.
I am so sorry to tell you all this but somehow, I thought that you would understand.
Thanks so much, ginny

K. Frangeskos said...

To Adundant Life Now,

Thanks for your great comments and thoughts.
Beautifully said!

Love and Blessings,

K. Frangeskos said...

Dear Ginny,

I am so sorry about the difficult time that you and your Beloved Husband are going through.
I have visited your blog and left a comment for you.

God will never give us too much to handle...even though we may feel that we are at our limit!
You are and will remain in my thoughts and prayers dear friend.
Things will get better..this I know!

Love to you,

Kristen said...

This post is such a blessing! "The path to our greatest potential is often straight through our greatest fear." Pastor Greg Groeschel. If we allow fear to stand in our way we will never get to where God wants us to be! God is so awesome and by trusting in Him and having faith, our mountains will move! Thanks so much for your great reminder of God's love for us! Blessings!