Sunday, May 9, 2010



Your hugs are worth a million bucks
Your smiles can light up the world
Every time you look at me my eyes transform to pearls
Your love is so strong
Nothing can stop it
Even when I'm away from you
Your love will always find me
Any time I want something it is always an OK
Now its time for you to have fun on your special day
I will always love you
I think you know that
No matter what I will always be there for you
By: Michael Frangeskos
She's like a vast ocean with lots of beautiful waves waiting to break
Like a dolphin gliding through the water
My Mom who cares for me and loves to write
With her loving smile, and her funny personality
She loves to go shopping and go on vacation with the family
It's very fun to hang out with her
She loves to have fun with the family
And make us laugh
With her funny jokes
And her great personality, I love.
Mom when she tells her interesting stories as child
The beauty of her eyes
The light brown hair
And my Mom loves me, because I saved her from loneliness everyday in her life
because I entertain her all day, everyday
Because I am energetic and I never stop talking
I love my Mother because she brought me to this world and she is the greatest
Mother in the world.
By: John Frangeskos

5 comments: said...

Hi Kathleen,
just beautiful like always one pleasure to read here!
You have great kids and i`m sure ,that they are so proud to have one great and wonderful moters as you are!!!
GOD bless you!

nothingprofound said...

Fabulous! You've got two future poets on your hands. What a wonderful mom you must be to inspire such love and enthusiasm.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy its Lauren, I loved John and Mikes poems. Especially the part where it says that he never stops talking me and my mom were laughing so hard! I Love You!!! :)

Lauren (your second daughter)

Janie said...

What a beautiful poem! I know you will always cherish it. jane

K. Frangeskos said...

Thanks everyone for visiting and reading my beautiful, loving Mother's Day poems, from my two sweet sons, Michael Arthur and John George.

They just turned 14 years old...and the love that pours from their sweet minds and hearts, I will always treasure.
I love my Gifts!