Thursday, May 13, 2010


These words are being dictated by Our Beloved Lord Jesus to me. I type them as Our Lord speaks...

"To My Children,
Life is very different on earth as in Heaven. On earth, you must navigate through many situations, important decisions and whom you surround yourself with. Finding inner happiness and peace is always an important factor, in fact, it is the main factor. Combine this with love of yourself and loving your neighbor and life is complete. The human soul does not require much to be fore filled, yet on earth, our minds and hearts can sometimes complicate your days, months and sometimes years.

There is an old story I wish to share with you. The story takes place on the water with a man in a boat. He wishes to cross the ocean alone. So he sets out against the wind and elements and begins his journey. Only after a while, he notices that traveling alone across the ocean is not too much fun. He gets lonely. He now wishes for company. He begins to dream of a companion, whom he wishes were with him. One whom he can talk with, laugh with, fish with, rest with and sleep beside. Each day his desire became stronger for his companion. With his growing desire and loneliness, he would fantasize about this friend, whom was with him in the boat.

I heard everything and knew what was in this man's heart. Before this trip, he was a loner and kept to himself. He felt that he did not need anyone to make him feel complete. Crossing the ocean alone he thought, would not be difficult, however, when he was totally isolated, he learned about himself and what he truly wanted. He wanted a friend. Being alone on his journey was lonely and made him sad. When he successfully crossed the ocean, he decided that he wanted to change his life. He no longer wanted to live alone, but to share his life with another.

It was and is a beautiful story. So many of my children are alone and they wish for a mate. A friend to share everything with and then, they do not always value them, once they are in the boat. Others travel alone and believe that is what they truly want, but along the path, realize they too are unhappy.

The boat in your life is always passing through things. There are many choices, opportunities and destinations for your boat. You can allow whomever you wish to enter your boat and travel with them as far as you want. The world is your sea. In the course of your journey, take the time to spend a little alone and get to know yourself. It is hard to fool yourself when you are alone. Living your life to the fullest and embracing change is good. Even if you leave the shore alone, you may stop to pick up another at a different port. Be open to the wonderful people that may come in and out of your life. Each person may play a role on your journey. You can decide if that person fits well with you and proceed accordingly.

Just like the old man in the boat, I allowed him to learn about himself, so that he would grow, change and improve his life and quality of living. HIS LESSON WAS LOVE. He chose to love another and not be alone. Sometimes I try and tell my children things, but they can not always "hear me" or rather, they choose not to hear me. In some of these moments, I allow my children to uncover for themselves, all the great things and qualities they possess. I allow them to figure it out.

I am always here on your journey. Please never feel that you are in the boat alone. I never left that man, nor would I ever leave you. If you go through hard experiences, please know that I am here by your side, holding you and cheering you on, to discover your true loving self.

I want you to come to me at the end of your life and share with me all your wonderful experiences. There will be many. I love you my children. Please save a seat for me in your boat.

Your friend,
Jesus Christ"
(Artist, Val Korber)


Mary said...

Just beautiful, heartwarming, and so true. Thank you!!!

Janie said...

This one brought me to tears....janie

K. Frangeskos said...

Thank you Mary and Janie...
for your beautiful comments.

I greatly appreciate your time in writing and visiting.

All the best to you both,

Duane Scott said...

I know whenever I stop here, I will be inspired.

I personally feel uncomfortable writing as if I'm God, but you do it so beautifully. said...

Hi my dear, whne i have sadness and bad days and i open you blog my day became more beautiful!
I take some much power of here always and i will share you blog to all`s!
I love you Kathleen ,thanks for you words!

lorato said...


K. Frangeskos said...

Hi Duane,
I am happy that you feel inspired when you visit.
God speaks to us all in many ways...sometimes directly or indirectly.
Sometimes I write the words, that I believe, Our Beloved Lord speaks.
In the beginning, I felt a little shy and awkward...but I know in my heart and soul, that I am doing as God wishes...and that is good!

Thanks for sharing...and hope to see you soon again.

K. Frangeskos said...

Hi Violeta,
(Clinging 2 Hope),

Thank you so much for your beautiful compliments! I hope God continues to shine HIS love and light on you!
You deserve all great things! Your heart is filled with love!
Love and Blessings,

K. Frangeskos said...

Hi Lorato,
Thank you...for your kind words.
I greatly appreciate them.
It is an honor when you visit.
Blessings to you,