Tuesday, May 11, 2010


These beautiful words are being dictated for you...from Our Blessed Mother.

"To My Loving Children,

I am here and wish to spread my love and help throughout the world. There are so many suffering. Each of my children on earth are lacking in some ingredient and I wish to give them my love and nurturing. I can be a Special Mother for you. There is nothing I will ask of you, just your love and devotion to me.

We all need a loving Mother at any age. Mothers are filled with love, hope and strength. These things I possess and more and I wish to pass them unto you, my loving children.

I have been Blessed as I reign over Heaven and Earth in my loving capacity as your Mother. I watch out for my children, guide them, protect them and love them. Never was it known that some loving child confided in me and was left unaided. I will fly to your side and protect you with my loving wings. My love is strong and so is my strength. I am quick to act and will never leave you if you ask me.

I have so much love to shower upon you, if you only knew how much. Please let me love you and spoil you. I am your Mother. Please call out to me and I will come in an instant.
I love you forever.

Your Blessed Mother"

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