Friday, May 28, 2010


We all want to be successful in our lifetime. We all want to feel proud of ourselves. We all want to feel that we accomplished something important. But how do we gauge our success? Is it based on how much money we earn? Is it based on our job or "title" we may hold? When do we feel that we reached "success"? Is there a certain age, whereby we feel, "we should have accomplished more"?

How does God see our success on earth? What does HE consider successful? I posed this topic to Our Beloved Lord...and I believe these are HIS words for us to hear.

"My Children,
All of you have been given great gifts and Blessings from above. Each of you have many opportunities to do what you love and also what you need to do. Some of you at an early age, have been blessed to find your passion and are successful in your field. That is a gift. Others are struggling to find what pleases them and continue to search and that is good.

But how I define success is different, from what so many of my children see. If money is your passion, then making money will come easy to you. You will be rich on earth. However, what you do with your wealth, is how I define success. What you are Blessed with to receive, you should help others, who are less fortunate, in terms of money. Money does not define a person. How rich one is, does not make them successful in my eyes, it is only what one does with that wealth, that impresses me.

I look within ones heart to see a truly successful person. I look for kindness, generosity, love and a gesture of good will towards others. It is who you are inside, that defines your success. The poorest man on earth, may have a heart of gold, who continually leans a hand to help others. HE IS SUCCESSFUL. A Teacher who offers extra help to a struggling student, free of charge, is a successful person. SUCCESS IS MEASURED BY WHAT YOU BEEN GIVEN AND HOW YOU GIVE IT AWAY TO HELP OTHERS.

Today for example, I witnessed a beautiful person, offering her legal services to a kind woman who needed her help. This Lawyer, lovingly and kindly offered to represent this innocent woman, without any hope of earning a penny. She did this out of the goodness of her heart. She did not have to accept this case, she could have said, "she was too busy" or referred her to another attorney, who would have wanted money for his services. But this attorney, offered her services free of charge to help another. She was not motivated by money, but rather by helping another in need. This woman to me is successful. Not because of her current law practice and her countless victories, but because she has taken the gifts bestowed upon her and used them to help another. I will continue to Bless this woman in all that she asks. I did not ask for her help, but rather, she offered herself, from her heart. Thank you.

Do not put yourself down because you may not have achieved what you set out to yet. Your life on earth is not over till you cross over to ME. There is so much good that you can accomplish while on earth and that is how I measure success. I will continue to help all my loving children on earth, full fill their dreams and mine. Never give up hope in yourself or me. Live each day filled with possibilities and watch how your life can unfold into beautiful acts and deeds. Success at the end of the day is "who you are", not "what you have".

May all my children be Blessed and turn to me for guidance. I am here and love you.
Jesus Christ"


Anonymous said...

Your article on success is so on target. Money is not what makes a person successful, it is the way we live our lives on earth and treat others. It is our selfless acts as friends, acquaintances, mothers, and spouses. Ask yourself, is this what Jesus would want or do?
Two days ago, caring for a child who was actively dying in my arms, I questioned our Lord. Why? Why wasn't it peaceful? Why did this family have to endure so much suffering? As I watched this child turn blue and fight to the end, I cried, cried, cried ,cried! I also ask God to help me keep my faith!! I pray that I can be successful in caring for Gods children without losing my faith!

Duane Scott said...

When climbing the ladder of success, don't forget the One that's stabilizing the ladder.

:) That's all.

surjit said...

A wonderful inspirational post.Thanks for sharing.
God bless.