Friday, May 28, 2010


We all want to be successful in our lifetime. We all want to feel proud of ourselves. We all want to feel that we accomplished something important. But how do we gauge our success? Is it based on how much money we earn? Is it based on our job or "title" we may hold? When do we feel that we reached "success"? Is there a certain age, whereby we feel, "we should have accomplished more"?

How does God see our success on earth? What does HE consider successful? I posed this topic to Our Beloved Lord...and I believe these are HIS words for us to hear.

"My Children,
All of you have been given great gifts and Blessings from above. Each of you have many opportunities to do what you love and also what you need to do. Some of you at an early age, have been blessed to find your passion and are successful in your field. That is a gift. Others are struggling to find what pleases them and continue to search and that is good.

But how I define success is different, from what so many of my children see. If money is your passion, then making money will come easy to you. You will be rich on earth. However, what you do with your wealth, is how I define success. What you are Blessed with to receive, you should help others, who are less fortunate, in terms of money. Money does not define a person. How rich one is, does not make them successful in my eyes, it is only what one does with that wealth, that impresses me.

I look within ones heart to see a truly successful person. I look for kindness, generosity, love and a gesture of good will towards others. It is who you are inside, that defines your success. The poorest man on earth, may have a heart of gold, who continually leans a hand to help others. HE IS SUCCESSFUL. A Teacher who offers extra help to a struggling student, free of charge, is a successful person. SUCCESS IS MEASURED BY WHAT YOU BEEN GIVEN AND HOW YOU GIVE IT AWAY TO HELP OTHERS.

Today for example, I witnessed a beautiful person, offering her legal services to a kind woman who needed her help. This Lawyer, lovingly and kindly offered to represent this innocent woman, without any hope of earning a penny. She did this out of the goodness of her heart. She did not have to accept this case, she could have said, "she was too busy" or referred her to another attorney, who would have wanted money for his services. But this attorney, offered her services free of charge to help another. She was not motivated by money, but rather by helping another in need. This woman to me is successful. Not because of her current law practice and her countless victories, but because she has taken the gifts bestowed upon her and used them to help another. I will continue to Bless this woman in all that she asks. I did not ask for her help, but rather, she offered herself, from her heart. Thank you.

Do not put yourself down because you may not have achieved what you set out to yet. Your life on earth is not over till you cross over to ME. There is so much good that you can accomplish while on earth and that is how I measure success. I will continue to help all my loving children on earth, full fill their dreams and mine. Never give up hope in yourself or me. Live each day filled with possibilities and watch how your life can unfold into beautiful acts and deeds. Success at the end of the day is "who you are", not "what you have".

May all my children be Blessed and turn to me for guidance. I am here and love you.
Jesus Christ"

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Before Jesus left and ascended to Heaven, HE told us that we would never be alone. He would ask HIS FATHER, TO SEND ANOTHER ADVOCATE TO BE WITH US ALWAYS. This advocate is THE HOLY SPIRIT, whom Our Almighty Father sent in Jesus' name, and will teach us everything and remind us of everything that Jesus taught us.

The Holy Spirit is among us today. The SPIRIT OF GOD lives on in us and beside us. We are not alone. Our Soul recognizes this HOLY SPIRIT and honors it. Our soul feels comfort and rests with THE HOLY SPIRIT.

THE HOLY SPIRIT IS PART OF THE HOLY TRINITY. God The Father, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit are the three parts of the Holy Trinity. Each precious part of The Holy Trinity you may connect to.

The Holy Spirit is a precious gift to you. The Spirit can guide you, teach you and loves you. Open your mind and heart to the reality, that God's loving spirit is among us. Close your eyes for a moment and feel incredibly safe, Blessed, comforted and loved. God The Father, Son and Holy Spirit will remain with us forever!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


God does not expect you to have your whole life figured out! Our life is a beautiful journey on earth...filled with many new experiences! What makes all the difference in the world, is that you walk through life with God by your side.

If we try and figure out our whole life, from our present day perspective, we may get stressed out. This is not what God wants from you, nor does HE expect. You cannot see the future, only HE can. All God asks of you, is to keep HIM close in your heart and mind each day. This will allow you to receive HIS loving guidance in an easy, open way. You will feel HIS love, peace and confidence as you encounter each day.

When you are close to God, fear does not play a factor in your life. Why? Because you will have a deeper understanding of your relationship with HIM and know that with God, you are safe in HIS loving care. God does not want to hurt you or see you hurt. HE only wants the best for you because HE loves you dearly. You are HIS children and family. When bad things sometimes happen to us, God is there. HE will allow us to grow and learn from difficult experiences. With God at your side, there is nothing that you can not overcome.

It is good to have goals, dreams and desires for a happy life. Sometimes God instills those yearnings in our hearts, so follow your dreams. Have a plan...but I recommend always to discuss and pray about your goals and dreams with God. It may be a conversation you have with HIM. HE is listening all the time. HE will respond to your questions and give you HIS best suggestions and answers in many ways. Listen to that little voice inside of you, it will always guide you to what is good and best.

Life can sometimes be hard, difficult and confusing, but you do not have to have it all figured out! Take one step at a time! When you are united with God in your heart, life is not scary. GOD has all the answers! Those that TRUST IN GOD have a far better and happier life! So enjoy today...the rough times may come and go, but remember GOD IS ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU! And the closer you are to God, the fewer rough days you will have!

So get rid of fear and feel God's love for you. It is all around you! Take one step and day at a time...and watch how many beautiful ones you will have! Those that smile the most and offer love...are usually the ones closest to God! And there the happiest too!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


These words are being dictated by Our Beloved Lord Jesus to me. I type them as Our Lord speaks...

"To My Children,
Life is very different on earth as in Heaven. On earth, you must navigate through many situations, important decisions and whom you surround yourself with. Finding inner happiness and peace is always an important factor, in fact, it is the main factor. Combine this with love of yourself and loving your neighbor and life is complete. The human soul does not require much to be fore filled, yet on earth, our minds and hearts can sometimes complicate your days, months and sometimes years.

There is an old story I wish to share with you. The story takes place on the water with a man in a boat. He wishes to cross the ocean alone. So he sets out against the wind and elements and begins his journey. Only after a while, he notices that traveling alone across the ocean is not too much fun. He gets lonely. He now wishes for company. He begins to dream of a companion, whom he wishes were with him. One whom he can talk with, laugh with, fish with, rest with and sleep beside. Each day his desire became stronger for his companion. With his growing desire and loneliness, he would fantasize about this friend, whom was with him in the boat.

I heard everything and knew what was in this man's heart. Before this trip, he was a loner and kept to himself. He felt that he did not need anyone to make him feel complete. Crossing the ocean alone he thought, would not be difficult, however, when he was totally isolated, he learned about himself and what he truly wanted. He wanted a friend. Being alone on his journey was lonely and made him sad. When he successfully crossed the ocean, he decided that he wanted to change his life. He no longer wanted to live alone, but to share his life with another.

It was and is a beautiful story. So many of my children are alone and they wish for a mate. A friend to share everything with and then, they do not always value them, once they are in the boat. Others travel alone and believe that is what they truly want, but along the path, realize they too are unhappy.

The boat in your life is always passing through things. There are many choices, opportunities and destinations for your boat. You can allow whomever you wish to enter your boat and travel with them as far as you want. The world is your sea. In the course of your journey, take the time to spend a little alone and get to know yourself. It is hard to fool yourself when you are alone. Living your life to the fullest and embracing change is good. Even if you leave the shore alone, you may stop to pick up another at a different port. Be open to the wonderful people that may come in and out of your life. Each person may play a role on your journey. You can decide if that person fits well with you and proceed accordingly.

Just like the old man in the boat, I allowed him to learn about himself, so that he would grow, change and improve his life and quality of living. HIS LESSON WAS LOVE. He chose to love another and not be alone. Sometimes I try and tell my children things, but they can not always "hear me" or rather, they choose not to hear me. In some of these moments, I allow my children to uncover for themselves, all the great things and qualities they possess. I allow them to figure it out.

I am always here on your journey. Please never feel that you are in the boat alone. I never left that man, nor would I ever leave you. If you go through hard experiences, please know that I am here by your side, holding you and cheering you on, to discover your true loving self.

I want you to come to me at the end of your life and share with me all your wonderful experiences. There will be many. I love you my children. Please save a seat for me in your boat.

Your friend,
Jesus Christ"
(Artist, Val Korber)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


These beautiful words are being dictated for you...from Our Blessed Mother.

"To My Loving Children,

I am here and wish to spread my love and help throughout the world. There are so many suffering. Each of my children on earth are lacking in some ingredient and I wish to give them my love and nurturing. I can be a Special Mother for you. There is nothing I will ask of you, just your love and devotion to me.

We all need a loving Mother at any age. Mothers are filled with love, hope and strength. These things I possess and more and I wish to pass them unto you, my loving children.

I have been Blessed as I reign over Heaven and Earth in my loving capacity as your Mother. I watch out for my children, guide them, protect them and love them. Never was it known that some loving child confided in me and was left unaided. I will fly to your side and protect you with my loving wings. My love is strong and so is my strength. I am quick to act and will never leave you if you ask me.

I have so much love to shower upon you, if you only knew how much. Please let me love you and spoil you. I am your Mother. Please call out to me and I will come in an instant.
I love you forever.

Your Blessed Mother"

Sunday, May 9, 2010



Your hugs are worth a million bucks
Your smiles can light up the world
Every time you look at me my eyes transform to pearls
Your love is so strong
Nothing can stop it
Even when I'm away from you
Your love will always find me
Any time I want something it is always an OK
Now its time for you to have fun on your special day
I will always love you
I think you know that
No matter what I will always be there for you
By: Michael Frangeskos
She's like a vast ocean with lots of beautiful waves waiting to break
Like a dolphin gliding through the water
My Mom who cares for me and loves to write
With her loving smile, and her funny personality
She loves to go shopping and go on vacation with the family
It's very fun to hang out with her
She loves to have fun with the family
And make us laugh
With her funny jokes
And her great personality, I love.
Mom when she tells her interesting stories as child
The beauty of her eyes
The light brown hair
And my Mom loves me, because I saved her from loneliness everyday in her life
because I entertain her all day, everyday
Because I am energetic and I never stop talking
I love my Mother because she brought me to this world and she is the greatest
Mother in the world.
By: John Frangeskos

Monday, May 3, 2010


As I sit with Our Beloved Lord, HE dictates this loving message to you.

"Dear Children and Friends,

Life on earth can be a great experience for all of you. From the time you were born, new and exciting things you experienced. The same holds true for you now as an adult. The only difference is, that you have the ability to choose for yourself what you wish to do and who you wish to spend your time with.

Some gifts and qualities you possess are natural to your being and personality. This enables you to know and feel comfortable in who you are and how you wish to spend your time on earth in your profession. And that is great, for I wish you to be happy in what you are doing. However, some of you are searching for your identity in terms of opportunities and a trade that you enjoy. That is OK also. For as you grow as adults, your likes and dislikes may change and thus your careers. Do not be afraid to try new things. All the experience you have acquired, help comprise who and what you are. This can lead you to new heights. In today's world, you should be open to new ideas and not live in fear of the unknown. If you allow me to, I can guide you in ways that will make you feel accomplished and proud. If one door closes for your employment, please let me lead you to another door. I can do this. The next door may be better than the last.

In relationships, the same holds true. Some relationships last a lifetime on earth and this is very good. Other times, people grow and change and differences out weigh the similarities. This is not a bad thing. Some people come into your life for many reasons and benefits. The thing to do is be loving and learn from these relationships. Do not harbor anger in your heart, if a relationship fails. Honestly look within yourself and see if you were happy. Most times when relationships fail, you were not truly happy. Do not settle for unhappiness. If someone walks out of your life, it may be for the best. Do not feel hopeless. Another day, a new door may open.

Throughout your lifetime many things occur. Make the most of each situation. Be kind, giving and loving. That is what I wish from my children. With goodness and love in your heart, you can never displease me. If one door closes, I will certainly open another for you. Please have faith, trust, hope and love in your heart for me. Let me walk with you each day, good or bad. I will place in your life what is good for you.

With love,
Jesus Christ"