Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Life can be unpredictable. Each day changes before our eyes. Situations arise and we need someone to help us. Friends and family are there, but is that enough? Sometimes it takes someone who only has our best interest at heart to help us. We can not always see the situation in an objective way and really know what is best for us. And what about time? Our friends and family have their own lives to deal with, so they can not always be by our side.

Jesus has all the time in the world, to be by your side and help you through anything. Let HIM teach you about yourself, life, love and share HIS wisdom with you. Jesus is the best teacher in the world. HE can give you things that no classroom can offer. HE can lovingly guide you through all the ups and downs of your life. Life on earth is our classroom and we do not have to study alone.

Jesus wants to be there for you. HE wishes for you to reach out to HIM. HE truly waits for you to turn towards HIM. HE has been watching over you since you were born. At different times in our life, we might think about God, but we may not move forward in our relationship with HIM. The only way to feel grounded on earth, is to stay connected with God. Each day, make a mental note, to acknowledge HIM in your life. Anytime and anywhere is perfect to get connected with God. If you need HIM, HE will be there and help you. However, why not build a genuine friendship with HIM now? You do not need hardships or wait for a difficult situation to go to Jesus.

Jesus' simple message is that HE IS YOUR FRIEND. Jesus is a very special friend, unlike no other. LIFE IS UNPREDICTABLE, BUT JESUS IS NOT. HE WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU. HIS LOVE IS CONSTANT AND HIS SUPPORT! Stay connected with HIM...and your days will be much happier, peaceful and predictable. Predictable because, you will understand in your mind and heart, that everything in your life, will be OK. Reach out to is the best investment, you can make in your life!

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Violeta said...

Hi my dear ,
i saw that you wrote on facebook to Ruth E Baya wall !Will mean so mush to her she have many pains!
Thanks so much my dear thats why we are sisters becouse of Jesus love !
Love you post i`m here every day are like daily bread for me!
Love you !