Saturday, April 3, 2010


Dear Friends,
I am honored tonight to hear Our Blessed Mother speak to us all. For months, I have been thinking about Our Beloved Mother writing to us and tonight is the first time, that I will receive a message for the world and publish it here. I feel it is most appropriate during this Holy Week.
I believe these are HER LOVING WORDS TO YOU...

"To My Loving Children on Earth,
It is my pleasure and honor to speak to you this evening. My daughter Kathleen is a faithful servant of God and pleases me greatly. She wishes as do I, to spread God's love throughout the world. Here is my prayer for you.

May you always know that God is within your reach
HE is never far from you
HE sees all and knows all
and is a very loving Father.
Go to HIM for everything.

My Beloved Son, Jesus sacrificed everything for mankind.
HE loved everyone HE met while on earth and always encouraged them to be good.
Jesus was a simple man on earth, not adorned with many material things and wealth.
But HE was very special.
Jesus taught the world in HIS short years on earth, how to love.
HE was an example of perfection.
HE was never selfish or unkind.
HE always cared about the welfare of others, before himself.
HE taught by example.

My son Jesus Christ today continues to love each of you, in HIS own way.
HE has not died and will live forever to rule over Heaven and Earth.
Unlike others, Jesus rules with love in HIS heart.
HE comes from love and thus is love.

In order to please HIM it is simple, please turn to HIM.
HE will love you far greater than you could ever imagine, HE already does, you just may not have been aware of it. This is only because of you, not HIM nor HIS intentions.
My son many years ago offered HIMSELF for the world, so that you may have eternal life and never perish. HE gave freely.

All I ask tonight, is to LOVE HIM BACK. Is that such a hard and difficult request?
If someone died for you, would you not be grateful?
Many problems could be solved if we turned to Jesus.
HE will guide all who turn to HIM.
Jesus offers you HIS love.
I ask you tonight, to please honor my son, by loving HIM.

Thank you my children.
God Bless You,
Your Blessed Mother".


Pattie thru Our Lady Mary said...

Yes, Love HIM. HE so deserves our love. But how do we show HIM we really love HIM? HE died so that we may all know the truth. HE is the truth and He gives HIMSELF to us in many ways but HE chose HIS church to give HIMSELF to us in Holy Communion and Blesses us when we come to HIM to receive HIS sacrements of love which HE uses to pour out HIS love on us and to help us walk with HIM. Sit with HIM in adoration with HIS real presence in the Blessed Sacrement of the Altar.
This is how you can show God you love HIM. HE is always waiting for you and wishes to pour out HIS blessings upon everyone especially those who come to HIM through HIS Bride, the Church. So if you don't know how to love Jesus or how to give HIM honor, you
may be enlightened and guided by the church HE has established to lead and guide us. Allow HIM to enter deeply into your soul as you purify yourself through Confession and receive HIM in Holy Communion. This is the magnificent way in which Jesus left us His love and this is how we can give it back to HIM. HE strenghtens us so that we may strengthen others. You may long to be ever so close to HIM and feel HIS love, I tell you there is one sure way of doing that and that is through HIS church and the teachings HE left for us through the Church. If you are not ready to go to church but you want to make a leap in His direction, I'm sure the Blessed Mother would tell you to pray Her Rosary. The Blessed Mother's Rosary was said devoutly by all the Saints and the Rosary is the way in which the Blessed Mother guided me to HER SON. If the rosary is too much for you, then just say one Hail Mary a day. You
will be amazed at what the Blessed Mother can do to guide you to Her precious SON. May God Bless you on this HOLY Saturday and bring you great Joy
God is Good.

K. Frangeskos said...

To My Dear Friend Pattie,
Thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts and words of wisdom with us all.
You outlined beautifully how we may choose to honor Jesus, Our Beloved, by becoming devoted to HIM in Church.
HE offers himself to us each day and week and is always available through the Holy Sacraments.

Honor God this Easter at Church!
Celebrate HIS life!
Both HE and the Blessed Mother will be pleased!

Pattie, I hope you share your love again soon...
Love you,

Anonymous said...

I think you are a very fantastic writer. Maybe, I recommend you doing a video in the city perhaps. You will gain much publicity and you can send God's words by showing people that you are a person just like them. Only you can see your talent and others are hidden behind it. You have potential, and I can see it in your writing, that God is calling your name. I know he must call your name everyday, knowing a saint on Earth is here sending his words of love and compassion. One day I will your name will be on that list. Saint Kathleen, they'll say. I want to be like her.

Anonymous said...

I will see your name in lights. People will come to your doorstep kneeling in precious glimpses of your immense beauty. I will be there too, a deaf woman, meekly struggling throughout my daily life.I had hope though. Once I came to this site, I saw the potential and happiness underneath each praised word that comes from your writing. I will be there at your doorstep, even if I may not see you, I want to feel your great presence. I may keep on knocking at your door no matter if you answer or not, because it will be my first time standing up looking forward to something in life. Because, hope is not a dream, but a way of making your dreams a reality. You are my hope and my only dreams I would ever care for.

Anonymous said...

Those two last comments were miraculous.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Kath
I wish you best

Violeta said...

Jesus asks us to do the same
But these insights do not yet exhaust the meaning of this “beatitude.” In the story, as Jesus is putting on his garments again and taking his place with them, he asks them: “Do you understand what I have done to you?” The very question signals that the answer is not self-evident!

Silent Reflection on the Words of Jesus from the Cross is a way to pray on Good Friday:

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

“Today you will be with me in paradise.”

“Woman, behold your son…behold, your mother.”

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

“I thirst.”

“It is finished.”

“Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.”