Sunday, April 25, 2010


Good teachers are hard to find. Excellent teachers are rare. But the BEST TEACHER IN LIFE IS JESUS.
Jesus is my teacher. HE teaches me everything I want and need to learn. I am an open spirit and heart to Our Beloved Lord. I recognize and value HIS great wisdom and importance in my life. Jesus teaches with patience, kindness and love. My mind is an open book and I look to Jesus to teach me everything HE wishes.

If you ask Jesus to be your teacher, HE will take you under HIS loving wing. HE will slowly open your mind to everything and everyone around you. HE will allow you to see things clearly. You will mature quickly. You will have a deeper awareness of people and how they interact with themselves and you.

The Lord will give you insight, that you did not have before. You will hear with a keener sense, all that is around you. You will develop into a more objective person, instead of seeing things through your subjective view point.

Jesus will teach you about yourself. HE will teach you how to be honest with yourself. You will learn all about yourself, from the inside out. Whatever you discover and wish to change, are possible with HIS help. All you have to do is ask HIM.

Whatever situations you are going through, HE will lead you and teach you along the way. With Jesus as your teacher, HE is always available to consult with. Each decision you need or want to make, can be made WITH HIM. Your choices will end up being so much wiser. Why? Because Jesus wants the honor of you being HIS student and will teach you all of life's lessons starting today. Why try and figure things out alone, when HE is available, willing and present?

A long time ago, Jesus told me that HE WAS MY TEACHER. I felt honored, special, privileged and loved. There is still much for me to learn, for life is all about experiences and lessons along the way. BUT I HAVE THE BEST TEACHER AND FRIEND, JESUS CHRIST. Why don't you ask Jesus to be your teacher too? Your eyes will be opened and you will receive some of HIS wisdom and peace, a little at a time. You will no longer worry about decisions and you will lead a much more confident life.

Life is so much better and easier with Jesus as your teacher. The benefits are too long to express into words. If you allow HIM to be your teacher, you will be the one to know and feel the difference...and that is the most important person, you! Jesus loves you very much!


Janie said...

What inspirational and how simple! I also want God to be my teacher Kathleen....just need to ask Him to anoint my hears to hear and be sensitive to His voice. I would appreciate your prayers....this last month has not been easy. Thank you for listening to God each day and sending His words our way. Love, janie

Violeta said...

Beutiful Kathleen like always you are such a inspiration for us !

Duane Scott said...

The sad thing is, I'm a terrible student. Good thing He's a good Teacher and never gives up on me. Thanks for the thoughts! :)

Pennie said...

I totally agree!