Monday, April 19, 2010


Jesus teaches us about words and actions...please read HIS loving advice to us in a letter.

"To My Beloved Children,
Words were created to express ourselves in different ways. Words are a form of communication and are very important. They give us an opportunity to share our feelings and intentions with each other. Words can be plentiful and make you feel great. However over time, words can sometimes mean very little, if not followed up by action.

If one gives you a loving sentiment in a word, then their actions should mirror that word. Words without the proper action or response, are quite meaningless. Any man can tell you a tale, at which one may believe. It is only after some time, that the tale will begin to unravel, if it is not based upon TRUTH. In order for a man to mean what he says, there must always be an action which will follow. It may not be immediate, but it will or should occur.

Excuses are used by fools, for even a wise man after time will figure out his real intentions.
If someone tells you something, please let them back it with a plan of action. Today, so many of my children are wounded by words, which have no true meaning at all. They are false statements. I say this not to upset you, however to teach you about the weak side of human nature. Ones words should echo their actions. Words without action are empty promises and may cause much heartache. Be weary of those that promise great things and have a million excuses of why they can not deliver. Take your time to assess the situation. Do not rush into each situation with your eyes blindfolded.

A good man will be there to back up his word. He will not lie, make excuses or deceive you.
A good friend who is trustworthy will love you and help you in good times and bad. A man who promises you his heart, will act appropriately.

My words and actions will always be the best for you. MY WORDS ARE THE TRUTH AND MY ACTIONS SPEAK VOLUMES. WHAT I SAY TO YOU, I DO.

I wish all my children to treat each other with respect and truthfulness, to the best of their ability. Be honest, whenever possible. Do not intentionally hurt each other. If you do not like something or someone, then say nothing. Do not lead them under false pretenses.

I am always here for you. Please turn to me and I can advise you in any matter. My words and actions mean the same. I LOVE YOU!

Your friend,
Jesus Christ"


ginny said...

He never goes back on His word. How often do we do just that? Another wonderful message, Kathleen!

Duane Scott said...

Just wanted to pop by and say hi. :) Wishing you the best. Thanks for this blog post!

Jeremy Janson said...

This post actually helped me make a very good decision today about a possible guitarist for a country song I was working on. I tested him, and he failed, big time. I'm glad I did this before song rights got involved.