Monday, March 22, 2010


These beautiful words are being spoken to you from Our Lord, Jesus Christ.
May you feel HIS love when you read them...
Kathleen Frangeskos

"To My Children and Friends,
I speak to you, so that you may know me better and feel my love for each of you. I adore all of you, beyond your comprehension. I live for you. My greatest desire is that all my children and My Father's on earth, know me and love me. I wish to do everything for you, all you have to do, is allow me to. There is nothing out of my reach in the universe. It is quite simple. Heaven and earth are united in many ways, for my loved ones are spread out throughout the universe. I can be in all places at once and therefore remain with you all the time. You only need to invite me in your life, to truly feel my presence.

When your heart and soul becomes open to me, many things can happen. I can help shape your life, so that your wishes and dreams become a reality. I want what you want. I know the yearnings of your heart and soul. What your heart requires is love and your soul yearns to stay connected to me. When you allow yourself to be with me, in a variety of ways, you experience true joy. True joy is what you all seek on earth and I can provide that for you my loving children. Please allow me to.

Receiving my inner peace comes from knowing me very well. It is not a causal thing. It is a unity of heart, mind and soul. When you let me into your heart and mind, I can give you my peace.

My peace is quite special. It is not something you can buy or receive from another. It originates from me, directly to your soul. Your soul fills with my abundant love and security. It overflows with joy and therefore causes you to feel happy. Your disposition changes, your attitude changes and your outlook on life is altered. It is a beautiful experience. I know this because some of you have received my peace and I can see and feel the effect it has on you.

When you receive my peace, your worries will disappear. Your troubles will be diminished. You will smile more and be loving to all. Your goals change and you truly become "Children of God". This is what I wish for all my loving children on earth. It is a transformation that only I can bestow upon you. I wish to give you my peace.

Please open your heart and mind to me. Ask for my help in your daily life. I will guide you in all matters, both big and small. I am happy to. And then, when you learn to TRUST ME, VALUE ME, I will bestow my peace upon you. I will never take it from you. It will remain with you through all your days on earth. I pray that all who read this, seek my love, guidance and peace. I promised to take care of you and I never break a promise. Love me as I have loved you and you will share in my peace. God Bless all my children.

Jesus Christ"


nothingprofound said...

Beautiful! Your posts are always very positive and joyful.

Violeta said...

The highest service is imitation. If I would be Christ’s servant I must be His follower. To do as Jesus did is the surest way of bringing honor to His name.

Let me mind this every day. If I imitate Jesus I shall have His company: if I am like Him I shall be with Him. In due time He will take me up to dwell with Him above, if, meanwhile, I have striven to follow Him here below.

After His suffering our Lord came to His throne, and even so, after we have suffered a while with Him here below, we also shall arrive in glory. The issue of our Lord’s life shall be the issue of ours: if we are with Him in His humiliation we shall be with Him in His glory.

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