Monday, March 1, 2010


Loving words to dictated from Our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ.

"To My Friends and Family,
There is nothing greater than love, on earth and in Heaven. Love fills the air all around you. It is a feeling of complete happiness and satisfaction. It engulfs you. Love is what your heart and soul are made of and desire.

It pleases me greatly when you allow me to love you.

I do love you beyond words and time. All that has happened in history before you were born, was done out of love for you. I am referring to my birth, life and crucifixion. Can you offer your life for another, if you do not love them? No would be the answer, at least not willingly.

Although, when I died on the cross for you, you were not born yet. But because of Divine Intervention, all was planned by My Loving Father for you. When you were conceived, my love for you grew, as you developed inside your Mother's womb. It has not stopped, nor will it ever.

Love is the greatest gift you can give each other. Love is what living is all about. Loving others prepares you for Heaven. You were created in My Father's image and HE IS ALL LOVING. Can you imagine meeting someone, who's only desire was to love? It may be difficult on earth to find such a person. On earth, there are many things that attempt to block your true nature, which is love. Love each other and be filled with joy when doing it. Love keeps the heart and soul alive and thriving. Without love, there is darkness, sadness and loneliness. The heart and soul feel deprived of it, like you would air on earth, and begin to shrink.

My love for you is endless, boundless and without limits. I wish you to love each other the same or try and imitate me. When someone hurts you, please come to me. I will give you comfort and help you through anything. Please learn to forgive, as I do many times. It is not always easy, but with love in your heart, forgiveness comes easier.

The greatest thing on earth is love and in order to someday enter Heaven, you must learn to love others. Only those with love in their hearts, may enter Heaven. I try my best to love each of you, however sometimes, you may not accept my heart. Please try and accept me in your life. I am here to help you, love you, watch over you, protect you and bring you home.

Love each other in my name and I will Bless you with all good things. Please help me, to help the world. I love you! Thank you my Blessed friends and family!

Yours for eternity,
Jesus Christ"


Violeta said...

Hi my dear ,

i`m amaized day by day of you !!!
Love you ,you are one mentor in all you words !
Love you !

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs.Kathy,
I am one of your religon students Tabatha.So I love you website it is soooo cool!I am trying to do some research on St.Joan Of Arc ifI find anything Ill tell you.

Biggest Fan